The Keeper
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A serein Evening at Nightfall
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Birthday Girl
“The Keeper”
“The Keeper”

by Gwen Wong

Item: 107579
Dim.: 30 x 30
Medium: Oil on Panel
Price: $3,200
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Gwen Wong
Gwen Wong attended the Portfolio Center in Atlanta Georgia and graduated from University of Georgia with a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Scientific Illustration and Interdisciplinary Studies.  Her painting did not begin until she started painting her Weimaraner, Bella.  This began the series of paintings that would explore the canine as a surrogate human form and celebrate their relationship -- a connection that lasted over thirteen years.  Over the course of time, Gwen decided to explore the genre of portraiture.  She began painting animal portraits and she now accepts commissions.

According to the artist:

"Using conceptually based imagery, I devise my own reality to further explore the relationships shared between man and other sentient creatures.  By contrasting the characteristics that we share, and creating an illusory world, where reality is optional, I begin to push the boundaries of what we know to be real and propose an alternate spectacular possibility."
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