Gallery Services

Since 1978 we’ve been asked to do much. Since 1978 we have learned to do much. Here are a few of the services we offer our clients and collectors.

Original Art Offerings

Evolving representation of many of the nations most talented artists, including painters and sculptors working in oil, acrylic, bronze, glass, wood, etc.

Custom Framing

Framing Expertise since 1978, the largest moulding selection in this region of the country, and an unparalleled eye for design.

Annual National Exhibitions

February, June, and October

theWall Newsletter

A once-per-month email highlighting artists and works new to Lovetts Gallery, as well as links to gallery produced art related blogs and articles.

Art Restoration/Conservation

Lovetts offers all conservation and restoration services via one of the countries top conservation labs. No project is too small, nor too great.

Art Registration Service

This is a unique service which provides the client with a centralized collection of relevant provenance for their work purchased from Lovetts Gallery.

Layaway for artwork and custom picture framing

At Lovetts Fine Art Gallery, we have excellent layaway terms as a service to our clients. We ask you to pay a reasonable amount down at the time of purchase based on the layaway program you select. The day of the month is automatically set as the day you begin your layaway with Lovetts Gallery. If a different day is more convenient for you, you can specify a day of the month.

There are no fees or interest for placing an item on layaway. The item will be released to you once the full cost has been paid.

A payment schedule can be setup with a card on file to be automatically charged for the set monthly amount. If an automatic payment is not set up, Lovetts Gallery will email you with a payment reminder to help keep your layaway up to date. If card is on file but agreed to pay by cash/check, card will be charged if a cash/check payment is not brought in by due date.

Layaway options are available for all items (% is based on total cost - not remaining balance)

10 Month Plan
4 Month Plan
3 Month Plan
10% Down with 10% Monthly for 9 months
25% Down with 25% Monthly for 3 months
33% Down with 33% Monthly for 2 months