Lovetts Gallery offers a large selection for custom framing on 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional pieces

Lovetts Gallery has been meeting and exceeding, standards and expectations in custom framing since our inception in 1978. We have always, and will continue, to offer our clients cutting-edge and progressive archival and preservation technologies.

The utmost care is applied to custom framing your artwork, keepsakes, and family heirlooms and documents. Lovetts has humbly and graciously been privileged to have been entrusted with many valuable and historical items over the years. It is enriching to be a part of our clients lives through the conservatory process.

Lovetts Gallery warmly welcomes you to our custom framing studio, where quality and expertise isn’t just what we do, but who we are. We realize that client’s custom frame because they have a special care for their piece(s). We respect that care, and the trust you give us, to serve you with your framing requirements.

We frame for museums, businesses and homes. Yes. We framed your great-grandfathers war medals, your dad’s pipe anthology, your uncle’s original Picasso, your nephew’s 5 year old drawing and your brother’s Roy Lichtenstein Collection. So, what do you have?

Lovetts Gallery offers repair and restoration on existing frames and pieces

Lovetts Gallery offers over 9000 picture frame moulding patterns, the largest and most diverse selection in this region of the country. Whether it’s framing a poster or choosing an intricately hand-carved water-gilded 22k gold moulding designed and imported from Italy for an original piece of artwork, you can be assured we have everything appropriate to meet your framing needs and desires. Perhaps you are looking for ornate mirror frames for your vanity, contemporary metal photo frames for the hallway, professional looking diploma frames for the office or study, or a college jersey shadowbox for the mancave. Maybe you’re seeking a traditional period Baroque and Spanish frame for that inherited European masterpiece, or custom designed hand-fabricated museum mounts and UV-filtered acrylic display cases for those “untouchable” artifacts. We frame the humorous, the serious and the sublime. With our extensive collection of frame mouldings to choose from and unmatched framing experience and design we warmly invite you to come have a cup of coffee and visit with us about your next project.

All custom framing work is done in-house. No exceptions. Every design is created and executed with master craftsmanship and held to, at the very least, museum quality standards. There are good reasons for why Jack is called a “master framer”!

Please note:
The framed art displayed in the Gallery, has been framed by the artist prior to our receiving. This is generally an industry standard. They do this for portability, hanging and presentation. Lovetts is not involved in their choices and would highly recommend professional (re)framing for protection of your artwork.