Greetings Dear Terrestrial Beings!

This is your special access security pass!


You may not be aware of this Area Fifty-One

An intragalleractic space of art - a true visual phenomenon. 


Your Mission: To explore and discover at this Fine Art Exhibition

A few little green aliens…in this composition?

For real signs of life - receive this authentic transmission. 


Lovett’s Area 51, where beauty, skill and inginuity connect, 

The gallery where AI means Artistic Intellect,

Come view the new artwork and experience its special effect. 


Artists, using earth-based materials the paintings will enthrall

As you observe “in this world” artwork suspended on the wall. 


Add wood, stone and bronze sculptures, art forms produced by “shape-shifting”

And all of this creativeness together crystallizing this show - you will feel the uplifting. 


Set your thrusters to warp speed on October 22.

We are heading to the Fall art exhibition: Area 51 at Lovetts Gallery. 



View AREA 51 Fine Art Exhibition October 22nd 2022