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Ashley Anne Clark

Ashley Anne Clark is a multi-disciplinary artist working with themes of wilderness, animal life, and the raw elements of nature. Her mixed media drawings are created using found materials such as seaweed, leaves, branches, and sand. These textures are then combined with hand-painted images of wildlife and mounted onto wooden canvas. By capturing a sense of emotion and personality in each animal, they become more real and relatable to the viewer. Her work provokes storytelling and appreciation for the untamed world.

Clark was born on Prince Edward Island and has since lived in multiple countries around the world including Thailand, Norway, South Korea, and The United States. She studied Art Education at Concordia University in Montreal.  She has exhibited in galleries across North America and has taken part in a number of Artist Residencies and Arts Festivals. Her strong connection to nature and the animal kingdom portrays a sense of awareness and empathy. She sources many materials from local forests and shorelines, incorporating these unique textures and elements into her work.

“I am passionate about promoting the lives of animals around the world and conserving wildlife and protected areas. I aim to portray each animal as a living individual with their own thoughts, emotions, and personalities. I enjoy incorporating materials from nature within my work to be able to directly link them to the wilderness and encourage a greater appreciation for these places.” - Ashley Anne Clark

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