The journey, the path to creating art,

begins with a vision, a fire in the heart.

By the artist’s hands...they speak.

By our eyes... we hear and see.

Be it fiction or fantasy to hyperreality,

whether we relate or disagree,

art is a connection to the “you and me”.

The artist requires courage...for

creativity is bold.

Dauntless they paint, draw,

carve, sculpt and mold.

The artist brush is their sword, one

held close as a friend, performing in

sharp detail or the gentlest blend.

A language of red, blue, yellow and greens.

Revealing that which is internal and

making it seen.

Whether praise or rejection, their shield

of passion and purpose is sure.

Art is a representation of humanity,

it will remain a field defended and endured.

The artist warrior protects the

freedom of creative expression…

an important rampart.

This exhibition, we honor our artists…


Be brave. Be of good courage. And join

us at Lovetts Gallery on Saturday,

February 12th, for an exciting and

adventurous day of great works of art.