Did I always think of myself as an artist? No, but the yellowed drawings from grammar school stayed through every move. A new life found me at the age of 47, and I found art. My passion for it began with Bill, who framed my first very awkward attempt at painting. He thought it was pretty good and has encouraged and supported me every step of the way (from being a standin model to my roadie!)

The question, "what will I do with my time" started this wonderful art journey. When Bill’s job took us out of the U.S. , great friends encouraged me, commissioned portraits, and bought my paintings. Even though those early paintings lacked many elements of the professional, I loved painting and learning, creating. 

Six years later we moved back to the States, to a small town in Texas. The paintings of the Maasai and Samburu tribes of Kenya struck a happy note with everyone. The rich ochres and browns of the people and dusty greens of the dry landscape let me relive the memories. Maybe they also took a bit of adventure to everyone else!  

The challenge of finding a market for my “people paintings” made me rethink subject matter. A friend/mentor suggested I paint flowers using imagined colors, steering me away from what I really saw into what could be. Another big hit! I learned that colors don't matter if values are right. What fun I had with flowers, huge close up blooms, dancing colors across the petals.

I have pursued many other interests and activities along the way. I have skied and scuba dived exotic locations, hiked and biked many tangled trails, and tackled that awesome game of golf.

My work is classic yet always evolving. I paint from my heart, looking for that fleeting connection that makes me want to paint someone. I believe that the finished painting will talk to you from across the room, inviting you into the emotion that I felt as I painted.

Seascapes and water scenes found their way to my easel in 2021. What a challenge learning how water moves and how it looks on that journey. My pastel strokes fly and falter as I make decisions painting that awesome energy and movement, loving every minute of the process.