2016: The Good. The Bad, and the WTF?! | October 2017

In Memoriam

You can ask just about anyone out there and 2016 was interesting to say the least. We wanted to see what really stood out to our artists over the 366 day leap year.

The Good, The Bad, and the WTF?!

Join us for an evening of retrospect presented by over 70 artists as they share with us up to 3 pieces that define 2016 for them. A year encapsulated in sculpture and paint.

Saturday Live Demonstrations:

All Day:

Natalie Wiseman and Jeff Ham will be demonstrating Acrylic painting inside the gallery throughout the day. Jane Osti will also be giving a demonstration on Pottery Sculpting.

11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.:

Paul Rhymer will give a demonstration on Bronze Pouring outside the gallery in the parking lot.


Marla Allison   Rebecca Latham   Chad Awalt
Rick Bewley   Robert Caldwell    Bruce Cascia
Linda Lyons   Chelsea Herron   Sheri Debow
Scott Storm   Terry Donahue   Greg Dye
Robertson Brown   Jeff Ham   Natalie Featherston
Robbie Fitzpatrick    Melanie Florio    Todd Ford 
Britt Freda    Scott French    Josh George 
Ron Gerton    Shawn Gould    Ken Hager 
Pamela Wilson   K. Henderson    Kelley Hensing 
Natalie Wiseman   David Hochbaum   Nicole Adkisson
Paul Rhymer   James Johnson   David Kammerzell
Gwen Wong   Nancy Von-der Launitz   Janice Sugg
Nadia Lazizi   Laurence Saunois   Clyde Steadman
Jody Lyle   Richard Moore III   Jody Naranjo
Michael John Nolan   Victoria Steel   Jane Osti
Rick Pas   Claudia Patrick   Phil Philbeck
Erika Pochybova   Sharon Pomales   Stephen Schwark
Brian Slawson   Karen Latham