Fahrenheit | June 2016

The Fahrenheit Exhibition | June 10th & 11th 2016

Keeping the burning flame of passion for creating art lit.

Celebrating our freedom to express in such bold and intimate ways. Art removes the smokescreen of inaction, conformity and distractions that obscure life experiences and interferes with the ability to think deeply and reflect about our lives.

Art is about free thought, individuality, and ideas and expression of them.

Celebration, not destruction!

Be fearless in the pursuit of art that sets your soul on fire at The Fahrenheit Exhibition!!

Exhibition opens Friday June 10, 2016 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm - invitation only.

Open to the public Saturday, June 11, 2016 from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Lovetts Gallery presents Fahrenheit from Lovetts Gallery on Vimeo.

Experience the temperature rise with over 60 national and international artists.

Linda Adair
Lindsey Kustusch
Timur Akhriev
Stephen Lang
Marla Allison
Rebecca Latham
Julie Bender
Karen Latham
Nicholas Bernard
Bonnie Latham
David Hochbaum
Terry Isaac
Sarina Brewer
Lacey Lewis
Robert Caldwell
Jody Lyle
Sheila Cantrell
Alexandra Manukyan
David Kammerzell
Jerry Markham
Mary Chiaramonte
Bonnie Marris
Erin Currier
Paul Messink
Timothy Jahn
Vince Natale
Sheri Debow
Michael John Nolan
Edward Dillon
Erica Norelius
Natalie Featherston
James Johnson
Melanie Florio
Jennifer O'Cualain
Todd Ford
Chris Pappan
Annette Blazon
Erika Pochybova
Scott French
Sharon Pomales
Krystopher Sapp
Jane Radstrom
Donato Giancola
Terese Rogers
Jeff Ham
Scott Rohlfs
Tony Hassett
Stephen Sebald
k. Henderson
Daniel Segrove
Carrianna Hendrickson
Victoria Steel
Kelley Hensing
Jonathon Ramon Frometa Vasquez
Nancy Von der Launitz
Leah Waichulis
Gwen Wong
Steven Walker