The Cauldron | October 22 2016

The Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew, a Fine Art Exhibition at Lovetts Gallery, will be casting its spell on you on October 22, 2016. At Lovetts Gallery, we are as excited as a witch in a broom closet!

The Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew, is an exhibit of strength and beauty. It’s the creative extract from varied and highly talented artists with different mediums, different backgrounds and different genres coming together through some alchemy to emerge as one Beautiful Brew. This exhibit is about the mixing of ideas and discoveries. The differences retain their unique characteristics, but in coming together, creates something new………..

Where art…… as luring as a lover using spells and potions!

The Brew Crew


Michael John Nolan sent us a sneak peek of his work for the Cauldron Exhibition!

It takes a strong cauldron to contain all of the collective energy being generated for this exhibition. Lovetts Gallery presents a body of artists that are vessel of strength, integrity and talent.

In the region of reality, a cauldron is a hard-working tool of nourishment and provision. In the landscapes of magic and time, cauldrons were found in the homes of wizards, druids, witches and fairy godmothers. They used them to brew potions that were curative for ailments and for the fulfillment of wishes. Through a tempestuous odyssey from the past until now, not many cauldrons have survived………but at Lovetts Gallery………....

The Cauldron exists!

This exhibit will be a bountiful and bubbling brew of beautiful works of art that will be a feast for the eyes and an elixir to the heart.

Lovetts Fine Art Gallery: Where art and the imagination is alive and well and dreams do come true!

Catch the spell that is The Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew!

In October, the season of Fall, where the days are shorter and the nights are longer than moon beams!

Sheri DeBow is bringing the past with her for her solo show, Ghost Stories From The Attic, a parallel exhibition, alongside The Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew in October.

At present, Sheri has been newly creating a spooktacular collection of thirteen dolls. Working her magic in German Polymer Clay, paints, fabrics and adornments, Sheri has been busy spinning tales from the past. Who are they? What tales do they tell?

This new body of work conveys a wondrous esthetic; Engaging, intuitive and demonstrative of the transience and mystery of life.

One must see DeBow’s spellbinding works of art…..these ghosts stories from the attic! Everyone relates to those feelings we had from scary ghosts to friendly ghosts and Sheri Debow masterfully presents her promethean treasures from the trunk in the attic……unveiling the timelessness of time.