The Nature Of... | June 2018

The NATURE OF exhibition is about you seeing with the eyes of imagination, what artists see with their eyes and imagination and how we all share the nature of creativity, passion and joy together. To dream, aspire, to first in the mind. Art is the imagination in action. In form.

And it moves us. That 's what an artist does.

But first......

It moves them.

That is the relationship and that is why it is a shared experience. An inexplicable connectedness.

It's the nature of art. It's about essence. Essence is like what country music and black clothing is to Johnny Cash.

The nature of a collage is the assemblage of different forms and styles thus creating a new whole.The 40 artists for this exhibition will be presenting with a multitude of medias and subjects as they have chosen to exhibit their nature of work, expertise, the nature of what excites them to communicate this way. Art exposes the nature of vulnerability, the nature of perfection, the nature of a trained eye, the nature of using the discipline to act on their creative spirits to connect us to the nature of all things in life.....materially and emotionally through art.

The most important aspect of the nature of art is to uplift and inspire us and make us feel good. Yes, that's just the truth of it. It makes us.....feel good.

The nature of a smooth cup of coffee, a warm embrace, a great reading adventure, the decadent taste of rich chocolate in our mouth (or potato chips, but that's just me!), our coveted favorite music and even the nature of being tired after knowing we put our best into what was a hard day can be a sweet surrender, can make us feel good. The essence of art, whether detailed or abstractly, delivers an equilibrium we search for, regardless if we are aware of that or not.

The term "the nature of" as a figure of speech is the nature of something and an attempt to identify the object of nature by its definable characteristics, qualities, behaviors, differences and complexities. In visual arts, the artist expresses their nature through imagination, technical skill and interpretation. We are the benefactors as art collectors. For some the aesthetics alone draw people to art, or it can be for psychological or healing purposes, social causes, visual entertainment, decor, for Avant Garde, for its non censor properties, or historical aspects. (and remember too.....because it makes us feel good!)

THE NATURE OF Exhibition will have artists doing live work in the gallery on Saturday, June 9th. Distinguished Cherokee Treasure, Jane Osti from Tahlequah will be demonstrating her carving techniques on pottery. Osti is well respected and collected for her traditional and contemporary clay sculptures. Oil and acrylic artist James Johnson will be painting from his observations about art and life from his unique perspective. He is beloved here and internationally and always a treasure to collectors.


Saturday--June 9-- Open to the public--10 am. to 5 pm.

Artists live painting and carving demonstrations.