flavia eckholm

Arizona is my native state, so I grew up loving all things western. When we built my studio, North light was an important aspect of painting but it had the added benefit of illuminating the entire space without adding the Arizona heat. The new studio provides the inspiration and generous space for me to paint my western landscapes and still lifes.

The transitory nature of life is the focus of my art. My landscapes, with their fleeting light, changing seasons, and infinite variety of form, exemplifies that part of life. While my still lifes, which usually include relics and possessions that were handed down to me from family, are precious reminders of changing times and people in our past. An important aspect of my artistic drive is to find and keep those special moments of change as part of everyday life. I create my work to transport my viewers into a place of contentment and solace where significant moments have value and the rest fall away.