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10" x 12"


'Simon from London' by Marla Allison

This piece is composed of acrylic paint, pine needles, and paint chips from a 1967 double-decker Roadmaster bus from the UK.

Marla chose to do a portrait of her friend Simon Hitchcock, born in London and living in Bristol, because of her close personal connection to him and also his role in the cultural iconography as a British punk. The red paint flakes from a 1967 double-decker Routemaster London bus that Matt supplied, are incorporated into the background. Also included are some pine needles sent from London.

Here is “Phillips and Allison in Wonderland” with awe of each other’s homeland, collaboratively set in different points of the world but united together. What art can inspire are bridges and love of the human experience, which is what the goal of collaboration was between these two dynamic artists, thanks to luck and fate bringing them together in the Saudi Arabian desert. It proves when artists unite, magic happens.

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