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females, females nude, moon, nudity

'The Relentless Echo of the Distant Present Hangs Motionless' by Michael John Nolan

Item # 108707

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44.75" x 32.25"


'The Relentless Echo of the Distant Present Hangs Motionless' by Michael John Nolan

This piece feeds off the idea of the individual attempting to control or define the environment, and at the same time, attempting to shield their vulnerability from the reactions of the environment. I used a nude figure posed in a vulnerable, yet in the somewhat secure fetal position, floating in a black abyss to suggest those themes. I reference the religious symbol of the halo to suggest a visual metaphor of our imprint and attempt to create and define the surrounding empty structure. The isolation is also very much on purpose to help amplify and enforce the mentioned themes. Finally, the visual contrast of the figure to the environment is to help suggest the metaphor contrast between the two.

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