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10.5" x 7.5" x 5"


'Bull Dragon' by Gerald Rockwell

Hand-carved Soapstone

The bull dragon is a flightless dragon belonging to the rock species. An adult can measure as long as 35 feet from head to tail. Although reports are a bit scarce some have said it may reach as long as 50 feet. It is believed to inhabit the rocky terrain and mountains of the southwest but the majority of sightings have been in Utah.

Though bulky looking, the “Bull Dragon” is very fast and known for its agility. Its long tail and sharp claws give it the ability to navigate its terrain with ease and chase down its prey with great speed. Its incredibly strong hind legs give it the ability to jump great distance and may explain the downing of small low-flying aircraft in the area.

The name was given to this species when first encountered by a geological expedition. While resting against a rocky outcrop the expedition soon discovered it was in great peril. The rock was not as it seemed and the dragon used its large bony head to fling members of the expedition into the air much like a bull, hence the name “Bull Dragon”. Due to its nature of playing with its food, the remaining members barely escaped with their lives to tell the tale.

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