Pueblo Parrot - Blue Patina 14/50
Item# 110471

Dimensions (does not include frame size)
4.25" x 5.25" x 3.25"

I was told that many, many, years ago there were a small species of parrot that lived in the lower southwest region. I began thinking how it may have looked so that was the basis of this sculpture.

I decided to make it more abstract by putting an opening on its back with Kiva steps above that, this represents the Kiva, a place of ceremonial practice. I also decided to add a cloud design and what looks like tail feathers that can also be the rain falling from the clouds. To the ancient Pueblo people, the colorful feathers of the parrots represented the rainbows, the rain, fertility, and sustenance. The feathers also represented a way for the prayers to reach the heavens.