T.J. Lick

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Drawn to wild landscapes and animals from the desert floors to above tree lines, TJ recreates stories and scenes where only tracks remain. His passion for crafting micro and macro ecosystems plays out the dramatic and symbiotic alliance between animal and habitat. Each painting reveals careful research and extensive study found only by firsthand experience. Details are exposed and minutiae displayed over months of effort. Bending light and shadow to explore texture and depth, stacking shapes and designing rhythm, paintings seemingly celebrate creation and prepare one for observable presence. TJ delights in sharing the wild spaces with those adorned with feather or fur, horned and pure. He aspires to paint realistically, wild moments and high art authenticated by a grand design.

When not squeezing his 6'10" into an airplane or helicopter to seek wild things, he paints in an 1874 family home "up north" beneath Boyne Mountain resort with retriever Scout at his feet, listening to Rachmaninoff to Rock n' roll, he is frequently distracted by whitetail deer, displaying toms and songbirds. For recreation TJ hunts and fishes in the Pigeon River Forest and Algoma Country of Ontario, downhill skies, kayaks the Sturgeon, and Great Lakes. Rare movable feasts are Broadway musicals, museum master works, and spicy ethnic fare. Ask TJ about skydiving, class V white water, or getting attacked by a snow leopard. The Tucson Desert Museum raptor show was most enrapturing when the predator's wings barely grazed the tall guy's ears. Rescued eleven-day old wolves with eyes just opened were the most recent wild gift.

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