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'The Monarch Is Alive ' by Prints by Carl Brenders Recommend This Piece To A Friend

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Subject Matter



29.5" x 21.5"


2,680/4,071 *Signed and hand numbered by the artist


'The Monarch Is Alive ' by Prints by Carl Brenders

The bald eagle, without any doubt one of the most beautiful birds of prey, is the favorite subject of many wildlife artists. The thrill I got seeing one in the wild for the first time is difficult to describe. In Europe, we have a similar species which lives on the seashores of Scotland and Scandinavia, but it lacks the beautiful white head. There is no other bird that fits so well the colors and the light of the wild landscapes in North America as the bald eagle.

In my painting, I wanted to capture a scene different than usually shown by wildlife artists — just flying or sitting. The bird came flying out of the right-hand corner, trying to catch its prey sitting on the rocks. Missing its target, it looks for a fraction of a second to see if it can make a second try. A raptor’s meal is not always easy to get.

Carl Brenders

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