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jay davenport

Jay Davenport has always been interested in and excited by fine art, especially animals and wildlife. With an encouraging push from his grandfather, he began private instructions at an early age. His enthusiasm and education in arts continued as he later earned an Associate's Degree in Painting and Illustration. His passion for Realism and Trompe-l’Oeil led him to a four-year apprenticeship at the Waichulius Studio.

Jay has participated in many exhibits across the country, some of the awards he won are, The Bosque Conservatory Silver Medal, and numerous awards in Artist Magazine Annual Competition. His passion for art has also been shown in many publications including the 2007 Stroke of Genius, The Best in Drawing.

With his strong foundation in Representationalism, Jay’s desire to paint the funny and humorous has materialized in this side of animals and how the different things they do relate to human life. His intention is for the viewer to “step back once in a while and observe and even laugh at ourselves.”

Jay’s work continues to be prevalent as his dedication to the craft reflects the promise of his future.

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