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Jess Wathen

A distinguished artist specializing in wildlife, Jess's unique style seamlessly weaves abstraction and realism together, creating a perfect harmony of traditional and contemporary artistry. Each piece is a mesmerizing fusion of intense pops of color and intricate details, drawing viewers into a dream-like realm where the familiar meets the fantastical. Jess Wathen's work is a testament to the artist's exceptional talent in capturing the essence of wildlife, presenting it in a way that feels both incredibly real and wonderfully otherworldly. Experience the magic of Jess Wathen's creations and let yourself be transported to a realm where the extraordinary beauty of nature meets the boundless imagination of the artist. 

Lovetts Gallery Note: Jack says, "...he is the only artist he knows who can paint beautiful pieces while rocking out to various types of metal music."

jess wathen hay_edited.jpg
Half Out of Light and Mountains at Midnight by Jess Wathen
Diamond Eyes Timlapse
Bleed Timlapse
Ember Timlapse
Haze Timelapse