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josh george

Josh George’s works grow organically, built layer by layer from found material, paint, and inspiration. You can read about him in a variety of publications, as I did, but we’re not going to make you work that hard.

In a nod to his work, we’ve constructed his biography from a bunch of different “About Josh George” articles.

His working-artist career began back in Kansas City, Mo., when he first started selling his paintings in a coffee shop, almost, as he tells it, by accident: "I was working on a series of paintings, mostly to get better at it, and I put them in this coffee shop, and people started buying them".  Not long thereafter, he started dealing exclusively through galleries. Today he’s represented across the country and in Milan, Italy.

Part of George’s painting-on-collage technique calls to mind a series of boarded-up Shockoe storefronts from the mid-1990s whereon many layers of show posters and flyers were attached. The older strata went back years. This is the kind of look George gravitates toward in his pieces, using everything from wine labels to obsolete Italian maps, from cut-up pictures to wallpaper books.