Clue # an exhibition of art intrigue

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Hide and Go Peep by Jennifer O'Cualain

Hello! Raven here to do a tad of chin wag! Won't you join me?!

Mr. Ree ~ Detective by K. Henderson

The Clue Exhibition was a smashing success....just ask Detective Mr. Ree. With his help, I will be giving you the follow up report to an art show that was telling, as all the clues led to an array of intriguing art. All the artists involved were found guilty of creating wonderful works! Case solved!

Clue by K. Henderson

One thing that certainly isn't a our gratitude to all the amazing artists who participated in this exhibit and to the loyal and art-loving people who attended. Our thanks extend to those who were unable to attend due to illness (yes its "that" time of year) or geography and were so kind to send well wishes for a successful event. We appreciated the thoughtfulness and support of our clients for the Clue exhibition, as Lovetts Gallery tried some new twists to that show, that deviated from what we typically do. 

I usually like to say a few things post- show....about the show. Clue was about art through the looking glass. Magnification. Not about size, but about detail. And thought. What do I really see? What draws me? What connects me to what I'm looking at? Do I feel calmed or excited? Appreciation perhaps for the talents and perseverance of another person. The clues are to guide you in learning about yourself through art. And come on guys...what a fascinating and fun way to do some personal therapy!

Smoking by James W. Johnson

So, magnification 101...the magnification of a magnifying glass depends upon where it is placed between the users eye and the object being viewed and the total distance between them. Okay. Although Conan Doyles character Sherlock Holmes used his magnifier as an assistant to his applied knowledge of many studies of science, he crafted an art form out of deduction. you're thinking. The distance shrinks and things gain clarity.

Who invented the magnifier? Well, a gentleman, an English philosopher by the name Roger Bacon. What's not to love about a man named bacon. I mean seriously! Apart from my culinary excitement there, let me continue. Bacon invented the ancient optical device, the magnifier in 1250, constructed for scientific use. Prior to the magnifier (hand lens), chips of crystal or obsidion stones were used. Like the mirror with refraction and reflection, the magnifier led to the development of the telescope, the microscope and spectacles---even fire, when used with sunlight. Preppers and wilderness survivalist know the importance of having a magnifying glass in the bag.

Rainstorm, Chassahowitzka River by Jonathon Keeton

It's no accident that a few of our art exhibitions have been themed around optics. The visual. After all, we see with our eyes, the most spectacular of all the optics and not just a device but the very organs of our bodies. Art is such a visual feast and we hope your sights appetite is continually fulfilled with great art. Or maybe a bit gobsmacked!

Trepidation by James W. Johnson

During the Clue Exhibition, with the combined harmony of thoughts and emotions, beauty, usefulness, imagination, creativity, skill and human significance.......................we hope you discovered many clues about art and yourself ................and found some answers as well. 

And also had a jolly good time in the process!


 Mr Ree Detective and Raven

Evidence by Marla Allison