Exploring nature with acrylic artist Shawn Gould

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Hiding In Plain Sight by Shawn Gould

Exploring nature with acrylic artist Shawn Gould

Exploring is a path of discovery to those who are curious. One begets the other. If you haven't discovered the artwork of acrylic artist Shawn Gould then I would hope your curiosity is piqued and ready for an adventure.

Art and nature have always been important parts of Shawn Gould's life, as is his vision and imagination. Gould takes his experiences and talent and reveals to us as an artist, his mastery of creating fine art with acrylic paints. Shawn possesses a strong curiosity that serves him admirably, as it has led him since his childhood; Combining this important aspect of his personality with a deep love of nature lends to an artist that invites wonder, challenges, exploration, and variety in his compositions, subject matter and broad palette of color applications and techniques.

Shawn Gould explored the Iowa countryside as a child, seeking out the solitude of quiet places where nothing would intrude into the world of his imagination. On these early excursions, he established a fierce and abiding affection of nature and a strong curiosity to see more. Today, he explores the west and beyond from his Northern California home but still feels like that little boy running through the field of his imagination. Along the way he has learned what it means to take the path less traveled.

Once an explorer.....always an explorer!

Redbud Kinglet by Shawn Gould

Charting Shawn's path.....he began his art career as an illustrator, creating award winning science and natural history illustrations for clients like the National Geographic Society, Smithsonian Institute, and the National Audubon Society. This was an important time and opportunity to hone his skills and learn to be a creative person on a regular schedule with deadlines to meet. (editors note: That is a difficult discipline to acquire for people and especially for creative persons. It falls into that category of "easier said than done"! Gould pointing this out and seizing the challenge, makes visible his maturity, seriousness and discipline as an artist!) After working as an illustrator for nearly a decade, he was able to turn his attention to creating his paintings full time.

Gould's paintings are a blend of photorealism and tonalism with areas of precise detail giving way to softer edges and muted tones. The result is everyday nature seen through the eyes of the artist, an illusion that challenges the viewer to suspend their disbelief and free their own imagination.

Lovetts Gallery proudly exhibits a beautiful and diverse selection of works by artist Shawn Gould. "Redbud Kinglet" and "Bramble Warbler" eloquently displays the harmony and natural beauty of one aspect of nature interwoven with another, tapestry and layering at its finest. "Hidden In Plain Sight" does the same, but with a touch of humor and irony added. The artist exemplifies the intelligence, vulnerability and emotion in nature as well in his paintings "Hear Tell A Secret", "Silent Approach", and "Choose Wisely". By his characterizations and personifications in his artwork, Shawn has illustrated and designed a mysterious and wonderful bridge and invitation to see everyday nature through the eyes of the artist, the art of Shawn Gould, as he extends a challenge to you, the viewer, to suspend disbelief and free your own imagination.


I hope the path you travel today......leads to Lovetts Gallery!

Choose Wisely by Shawn Gould

Happy Trails!

Raven Sawyer

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