Face to Face with artist Cathy Rowten

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Spring Muse by Cathy Rowten

Oil Artist, Cathy Rowten, figurative and portraits now at Lovetts Gallery

Lovetts Gallery is striking oil in Oklahoma!!! Oil paint artist, Cathy Rowten, by the strokes of her brushes and skill, brings creative fortune to the gallery with her valued pigmented minerals! 

Lets go face to face with an artist who's portraiture work is new to Lovetts Gallery and we are excited to represent her and her work. We welcome Cathy Rowten to the Imagination.

Well known for her figurative and portraiture, it's quite apt to call Cathy, the painter of people. Of the many subjects an artist may choose....depicting a person is a complex and exciting venture, as the depths of differences run deep. The slightest change in a look of the eyes, an arched or furrowed brow, an elongation or pursing of the mouth or the shade of the lips, the state of affairs with the hair, the contours and style of the clothing, the hand gestures in repose or at task, tells tales. People disclose through body language and Rowten beautifully paints this fascinating and expressive truth. Collaboration between the artist and her subjects is even easier to understand when one meets Cathy and sees how her own passion, enthusiasm, curiosity, and vibrancy of personality are valuable assets to her creativity!

Feeling Red by Cathy Rowten

Oil painter, Cathy Rowten, personification and mystery of the female

Her style is interpretive, and she engages mood and light with form and expression to characterize emotion. From classic to bold.....Cathy Rowten delivers her women with a frame of mind; so many women and so many temperaments, moods and natures. With rich color...Cathy paints the personification and mystery of the female. Marcus Tullius Cicero said "the face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter".

Rowtens work, as most artists represented at Lovetts Gallery, can be found in private and corporate collections across the country. She has a background in graphic arts and has studied with figurative artists Zhang Wen Xin, Joseph Larusso, and Carolyn Anderson.

In our rush-rush, digital socializing world, I challenge people to take the time to experience visual communication through hand-painted original art. Lovetts Gallery invites you to the Imagination!

Face to face.

Miss Scarlet by Cathy Rowten

"She was not one for emptying her face of expression."

J.D. Salinger