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Colorado Layover by Renee Buller
Colorado Layover by Renee Buller

Free Bird
"If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be traveling on now...
Cause there's too many places I've got see."

Renee Buller, oil painter, brings birds and wildlife to Lovetts Gallery

Well that's how Lynyrd Skynyrd felt and it's probably Renee Bullers sentiments as well. She loves to explore and thankfully shares her experiences in nature with us through her artwork, a free bird like the ones she paints.

From Castle Rock, Colorado, artist Renee Buller reveals her passion for wildlife in her oil on linen paintings. With a reverence for the life that abounds in the outdoors, Buller connects landscapes, habitats and animals in her own unique style. Being a native to Colorado has afforded Renee a life long relationship to nature intimately, so to portray her subject matter is well.....her second nature.

Lovetts Fine Art Gallery presents a collection of Buller's bird paintings that display the delightful and colorful tension that is ultimately harmonious. Renee juxtaposes an impressionistic style with a realistic one; Soft-focused backgrounds that yield to dramatic and detailed foregrounds.

I'll let Renee's words speak about why she paints birds.

"Birds have captivated me in art since I was a child. My earliest drawing from as far back as my first years of grade school spotlighted birds as their subject. There is freedom in a bird.... the ability to fly high above us all. In what seems like endless energy, they flutter, soar, hop, and sing. For example, the Northern Cardinal is able to sweep through more notes than are on a piano in just a tenth of a second, and every morning, the world comes to life with the chorus of birds. Every corner of the Earth is alive in music, be it different species, singing different tunes, it all harmonizes into the most glorious chorus of life. As I have the opportunity to spend more and more time traveling and being in the field capturing these little characters in my mind and heart, it is my blessed privilege and hope to transfer onto canvas what I have witnessed with ear and eye. Just like us, God has created every little bird with its own amazing look and special little character and I hope that is translated through my brush and brings you the greatest pleasure!"

So there you have it.....Renee Buller's passion in words! Now see her passion in art! Birds of a feather (you art collectors!) flock together at Lovetts Fine Art Gallery!


Singing Praise by Renee Buller
Singing Praise by Renee Buller

Renee Buller paints birds and flowers in any season at Lovetts Gallery

This morning as Jack and I were having coffee on the back porch to begin our ritual of waking up to a new day, (trust me, it's not a pretty sight!), we heard the birds starting to talk. First one, then two.....and then ten or more. They were waking up much quicker than Jack and I! Jack started pointing out a couple of nests in our yard, one in the bushes housing a catbird and one in the trellis with a baby dove. Oh, Spring is here and Jack will be busy keeping check on the welfare of the birds and critters that visit our yard. Jack's passion for the birds reminds me of a portion from Anna Hopes, The Ballroom.....

"Later, Ella looked for the two Swallows in the eaves outside the window, watching them even more closely now. The thought of them flying all that way, across mountains and seas and returning here, because this was their home----of them knowing how to find it----changed things. It was a new way of seeing; This was no longer just the place where women and men were kept, but the home of other creatures too, ones that had traveled far and still chosen it because this, above all other places, was the place to bring their families into the world."

We have all heard "stop and smell the roses"....but just as importantly, stop, watch, and listen to the songs of the birds. Naturally, if there happens to be some roses nearby, go ahead and smell them too.

And by all means, to see birds and flowers in any season......stop and visit the work of Renee Buller at Lovetts Fine Art Gallery!

Thank you for supporting artists and their works. They remind us of the importance of the human spirits yearning and zeal to speak through what they create by their hands and the devotion to express freely and convey meaning in unique ways.

Bullocks Oriole by Renee Buller
Bullocks Oriole by Renee Buller

"Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create."
Maria Montessori

I'm heading for my nest.....have a good evening!