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Yeah! It’s kind of like “got milk?” That’s usually Jack’s question to me as he stands there with a plate of chocolate chip cookies in his hand! Well, when you get art, you want to compliment the pleasure with a beautiful custom frame! Great pairing is a delicious experience!

Hello! In my last letter, I said I would talk about picture framing. It’s said that action is no less necessary than thought to the instinctive tendencies of the human frame. So here are my thoughts in action.

Framing, a word with many applications. What’s my frame of mind, the shape of a person’s body frame, what kind of time frames are we talking about? What’s your frame of reference on that topic? I feel like I’m “being framed” on this deal! Eyeglass frames? Vera Wang says, “To me, eyewear goes way beyond a prescription. It’s like makeup. It’s the most incredible accessory. The shape of a frame or the color of the lenses can change your whole appearance.” I think Vera nailed it, as her descriptive words are a good parallel for describing the effects of custom picture framing. Framing is way beyond necessity. It is art and functions as a beautiful accessory too.

What is a frame? A structure that’s open and yet embracing, a border, an enclosure, a support. A frame is part of the create or formulate blueprint. A picture frame enhances its subject as well as providing protection and a means of displaying.

Historically, picture framing has a long legacy, going way back. I’m talking 2nd century A.D.! Many times, throughout its use, the frame has been created and considered an art piece in and of itself for centuries. Sorry, but this doesn’t include that frame you made in scouts out of glued macaroni when you were a kid! (giggle!)

I contemplated going in to all of the features and applications that constitutes a professional, museum quality, custom frame job and then had a change of mind when I realized that just my basic and informal notes as an outline to the details was several dizzying pages long ……and that was nut-shelling it. So, for the sake of not taking you down a very deep rabbit hole, I will summarize to say that it is a job of a highly skilled craftsmen.  Additionally, it requires the use of proper and professional materials. I find the process of custom frame making to be fascinating, its techniques pragmatic, and conservation minded. It is dedicated in its objectives and outcomes and one of the wonderful parts, is the client is involved in the choices with regards to the mouldings, matting and glass selection. For those who want the decisions left to us, you can be assured that Jack’s 40 years of experience will see that your piece is framed appropriately, beautifully, and protectively. Your own space is your personal museum!

That said…..

Let’s get to some of the interesting frame orders we do around here. This is a small sampling of what we do and unfortunately, we do miss photographing many of the pieces before and after. Doing the “job” is always the priority and filming them becomes secondary, but we are determined to be better at chronicling finished pieces so you can see some of what we do. Who says new resolutions can only be established on New Year’s? In addition to art…. we frame mirrors, 3 Dimensional items such as coins, documents, flags, clothing, artifacts and anything you can imagine.

Lovetts Gallery offers one of the most extensive collections of mouldings.



The custom work at Lovetts Gallery doesn’t stop at just frames. We also offer custom designed displays to enhance your art. Jeff Sellers, a professional, meticulous and imaginative artist himself, handcrafts a variety of structures. Easels that can be used for table top or floor for larger pieces, custom mounts, remote controlled lit bases for glass, crystals, gems and marble. Sellers designs display tables that also have motorized bases for turning your sculpture, bronze, wood vase, or glass work for that 360* view. Art in motion. Jeff uses high quality materials thus allowing your art pieces to be stunningly presented. Please contact us here at Lovetts Gallery when you are ready to have a unique display customized for your special works of art. To echo Vera Wang…. Accessorize!

Earlier, I did side step all the frame making details due to the subject’s depth and breadth, but we are eager to explain and answer any questions or curiosities you may have in regard to the custom picture framing process.

And seriously, by all means……we can preserve that “macaroni frame” for you too! Yes, there will be a few questions from your child like, “Mommy, why is my picture hanging in the closet?” Or maybe you tell your child that the garage was the best place to hang it to make the space prettier!” But it is preserving a memory. One you hope they don’t remember lest they ask one day where it is and you say, “I was wondering the same thing. I don’t know what happened to it honey. Do you want to go get an ice cream cone?”

What?! Don’t sit there and act like I’m the only one that’s done that!  LOL …. Hey, sometimes stuff just sort of disappears! Like the 12,000 pictures they drew, the unidentifiable dried clay objects and some of those special Christmas tree ornaments that looked like something the dog threw up.

I love my children and grandchildren. Some of their creative projects? Not so much. Although they can all color a mean Easter egg!

But I loved their imagination and creativity and willingness to try. If some of those “things” had survived to this day, I think they would be horrified! Ha! Ha!

Okay, there you have it on custom framing and custom features for your art and a family secret thrown in to boot.

So if you have been entertaining thoughts on custom framing or displaying your works of art…..take the  instinctive tendencies of our human frame…..and apply your thoughts into action!


This part here is a “just because”.

It’s no mystery that I have an appetite for reading and literature. Words. I love the magic of words. In researching the word “frame” in my preamble to writing this letter, I came across applications that people used and found them interesting. I didn’t apply this quote in my article but I found myself feeling an affection for it and simply just wanted to share it…. just because.

My take away may be different than yours. It is the same for “seeing” art. I “see” this quote as showing the different ways we create. One way is more fluid and exploratory and the other way more concise and methodical. Either way they both speak. Imagination and reality. I hypothesize we do both. Certainty and uncertainty. Maybe an odd couple, but it works. How would one exist without the other? Opposites attract they say. Now that I have “framed” my thoughts…. here is the quote.

“She writes like a loom, producing her broad rich fabric with hardly a thought of how it will make up into a shape, while I write to cover a frame of ideas.”

H.G. Wells

Raven Sawyer