Newsletter | December 2017

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Tis the season to be jolly....and busy!

Very busy!!!

I’m feeling unsure if those two words fit together

So busy in fact, I have struggled to get some writing time in to talk to you. Anyone who knows me, knows that if I am not talking, it’s an indication that something is wrong with me. Very wrong!

But all is swell! (I can’t believe I just used that word!)

After an exhibition, one may think things calm down afterwards, but that isn’t true. There is lots of activity going on here all the time. But excuses aside, I owe you an apology for such a belated thank you! I’m still looking for a nice super-cape to help me be more proficient but when I ask the sales people where they may be hanging, I just get a funny look!

Anyway, this is a letter to give you the news on what has occurred at the gallery the last few months and what’s is up and coming. Hmmmm……. hence, why they call it a newsletter. Brilliant.

So, Lovetts Gallery is in post position from the Good, Bad, and WTF exhibition which was in late October and it was a full house of great art and excited patrons and we thank all of our art supporters and artists for making it a great exhibition. The live works by Natalie Wiseman, Jane Osti, Jeff Ham and Paul Rhymer were a wonderful addition as it is always captivating to view the artist in action. We were happy to have new artist, Linda Lyons in attendance, as well as artists James Johnson and Claudia Patrick.

We see what we do here at the gallery as a romantic notion of matchmaking: The right piece of art with the right owner.

And they live together happily ever after!

But a warning is in order here. These types of relationships (artwork/collector) soon can become quite complicated as you find attraction to other pieces of work and find that its miserable if one was to only have one piece of art in one’s life…...

It’s okay.

We understand and can help you through the process!

Duunnnn duunnn, duunnn duunn, dun dun, dun dun….no, not Jaws approaching! The holiday! For those of you who subscribe to this feeling at this time of year, please stop by on Saturday, December 16th and let us take the bite out and put some Merry in your Christmas. Please join us for some sweets, hot apple cider, and new works of art. Santa’s elves have been helping me decorate for some festiveness. Well, eggnog and elves. Okay, there really weren’t any elves. It was just the eggnog.

Please don’t judge! It looks damn good!

A week after Christmas we will be staring 2018 in the eye. What will be the face of art at Lovetts Gallery? For starters, the art will continue to meet and exceed all professional standards. It will include beloved artists who are an integral part of the gallery family here, and like any healthy, growing family, new additions come along. We strive to offer a diverse range of genre and subject. We will never change our commitment to quality and to you.

One thing we do change here at the gallery, is the themes for our three major exhibitions. For 2018, we are encapsulating it as “The Year of Living Mysteriously”.

Elizabeth Gaskill said, “There is always pleasure in unravelling a mystery, in catching at the gossamer clue which will guide to certainty.”

The first exhibition in February will be……...CLUE. The Exhibition.

It’s about mystery. The mystery of life, of motives, of passions, and of art.

Sorry, that’s the only clue for now!

Is it going to be artist Green? In the loft? With a paint brush? Committing a masterpiece?

Or perhaps Sculptor Brown? In the studio? With a chisel? Molding a tour de force?


A couple of reminders: Lovetts Gallery does offer layaway for your purchases all through the year.

We can help you with prints if that is a desirable option for you. While we are predominate in original works of art, there are several of our artists who do make a selection of their work available in print. Lovetts is also a dealer for many print publishers. We are happy to locate what you are looking for to satisfy your needs.

Museum quality custom framing. Custom framing of course for your all your acquisitions, be they original or print. Don’t forget framing personal things as well. Some of our clients have items currently under project here that are items of bravery, service, victory and championship. They are tributes to love, laughter and tears. They are legacies of challenges met and won. We frame parts of the human spirit all the time, whether it is the work of an artist or the artist in you. The imagination excludes no one.


We have reindeer parking waiting for you!

Mark these dates:

December 16th

Christmas Open house with new works and refreshments!

February 10th

CLUE: A riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an art exhibition!

This past year has had its share of challenges…. for us, for some of our artists and clients, but we have persevered! We have laughed that we could make an exhibition of the Good, the Bad and the WTF as a standing yearly one…. because…. it’s just the stuff that makes life! We are grateful to be able to do life together!

All of us at Lovetts Gallery sends our best wishes for the holidays to you and all those you hold dear!

Talk to you soon!

Raven Sawyer

Keep Safe!!!