Newsletter | January 2018

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Dear Diary,

And you. Yes, you too. Sorry Diary, I don’t keep secrets very well!

Here I sit at the typewriter…. reflecting. Okay, it is really a computer keyboard. (please just humor me) Today, I am reflecting on the past year at the gallery. For the record, I reflect all the time, so much so, so much reflecting, that I am like a mirror or maybe a shiny object or maybe it’s just a dysfunctional quirk, but for whatever reason, I caught myself looking for closure to this past year. Nothing too serious, just soft closure, like putting it in a feather bed and covering it with a soft blanket and a teddy bear for good measure. A little extrapolating. 2017 has been a weird mix of exhilaration and exhaustion! LOL* WTF* LOL …. And using words that begin with ex.

As for a bit of recapitulation, our three exhibitions for 2017 were RED/7, MIRROR MIRROR, and THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE WTF, and they all spoke to life through art by color, vices and virtues, reflection, reaction and theater, by observation and participation. Thank you to all the artists and their beautiful and hard work and to all of you who admire and support them and the arts.

With closure to one year and a looking expectantly to this new one, we are theming 2018 exhibitions, a “Year of Mystery”. Mystery involves discovery. Welcome to the mysteries of the imagination. Discover the perplexity and the simplistic, discover the secret and the open book, the conundrum and the clarity.

Welcome to a fantastic new year of art at Lovetts Gallery!

Obviously, we are an art gallery. But lest you think its only the “art” we cherish as important, you would be mistaken. It’s the people. It’s the wonderful men and women we get to know through what we do. That includes all the artist and clients. It includes the aspiring students and adults who come in and are inspired to grow in their own artistic talents as they look to their future, it includes those who come in to just visually admire and feel a respite in their day.

All these people have faces. We know many of their joys and struggles. They have shared their experiences of marriages, sickness, relocating a home, divorce, births and deaths, and their fears and expectations. Many of their very lives have been memorialized from the personal items that they have had framed. The stories they share when they come in with those things. Watching the excitement someone feels when they are sneaking in to buy a piece of art for someone they love, to surprise them. The friendships that continue even after their space is too full for more art. They all matter to us. We are fortunate to sell what inspires, personalizes and embellishes someone’s most important places and speaks in meaningful ways to them.

This past Christmas was a first for a Holiday Open House and we so enjoyed it! It will definitely be a new tradition here. Warm visitors, cold eggnog, and hot cider. It was festive, and we enjoyed the company of laughter! Thanks to everyone who came and made it a special day!

I’m excited to tell you that Lovetts has been shipping purchases all around the world and it is so cool to be connected to art lovers that way and enjoy a shared interest of art appreciation. We are in the process of creating new gift certificates that you will be proud to purchase and give for those you love, that they may choose their own art. We offer Layaway to be helpful and online shopping for your convenience. And always the most extensive and impressive collection of mouldings for professional custom framing.

Your first trip into the creative world of art for 2018 at Lovetts Gallery will be:

CLUE: The Exhibition

FEBRUARY 10th - 2pm to 5pm

Did you know:

The word “Clue” was originally a variant spelling of clew, meaning “ball of thread or yarn”. Our modern sense of clue, “guide to the solution of a mystery”, grows out of a motif in myth and folklore, the ball of thread that helps in finding one’s way out of a maze. Of these stories, the best known is the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. In the myth, Theseus unravels a ball of thread as he searches for the monstrous minotaur in the Labyrinth. After killing the minotaur, he retraces his steps out of the maze by rewinding the thread.

Alternatively, you could say…. minus monstrous minotaur’s and murder…. that we all in some aspect experience life in general this way. We have questions and curiosity, and we struggle for definition and understanding. We look for clues, through the maze, the labyrinth. We find wariness and wonderment along the way. Life is certainly a puzzle. Many refer to it as the winding road…... “the journey”.

Wind-Unwind……Wind-Unwind the thread. Today we say, Lather, Rinse, Repeat.  LOL!

Art is one of our companions as visual guideposts and a part of our wonderful odyssey through life. Art touches us intensely because it involves the creative spirit. It connects to our core through our senses. Art prevents us from being numb.

Please join us for an excellent art exhibition and let yourself be lifted by the original works of over 30 artists, who have produced by hand, from the mansions of their minds…...…to your eyes. Live painting will be taking place in the gallery by artists Jeff Hame, Timur Akhriev, David Shingler and James Johnson.

Mark your calendars for this special 3 hours only exhibition. You don’t want to miss this special afternoon in art! February 10th 2pm tp 5pm at Lovetts Fine Art Gallery.

We are unraveling mysteries and making discoveries!

The CLUE EXHIBITION is afoot!