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(Salute plurimam dicit. Si vales, bene est, ego valeo)

Many greetings! If you're well, then that's good, and I'm well too!

With that classical Latin hello.....I have lots of exciting news to share with you! This will require some marking on your calendar.


DECEMBER 15 * SATURDAY * 10 am to 5 pm

It happens again, and I can hardly wait!

This is the time of year when things get bat sh*t crazy and tensions run high and tasks are too numerous for most people. You know...that most wonderful time of year?! (maniacal tee-heeing). Lovetts Gallery invites you to join us at our Holiday Open House, where the atmosphere is calming, and the sights provide a visual wonderland. Indulge in some apple cider, eggnog, appetizers and art. And.....Reindeer Parking is available. Our appreciation runs deep and wide to those who enter our "house" and we are grateful and humbled by your business and friendship. When I tell Jack I love him, he always answers back.....I love you more. To those of you who tell us you love us...…..

We love you more!

A special event at our Holiday Open House will be the triple-artist exhibition SOLSTICE BLUE. They will be in person from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for you to meet! I told you I had exciting news!

These three special artists from warmer climates are bringing their new works of art to raise the temperatures in our hearts and soul as we enter this winter solstice. They put the heat and joy into art collecting! Here are some toasty details on this trio.

Jason Robert Griego (NM) Sculptor. Jason takes a dynamic approach to his work utilizing raw and organic materials. He symbolizes his creations as to what it is to be human. He displays in his sculptures the juxtapositional natures of the temporal and the external and the natures of beauty and brutality...…the duality of truth. Griego feels words and descriptions can at times injure the communication of sculptures and thinks sculpture comes alive when viewed directly. Jason takes sculpture and strips it down to its purest essence---honesty.


Nadezda (CA) Oils, charcoal, graphite. Nadezda has an immersive background in creative projects in Films, Theatre, Illustration and Fine Art. Taking to her oil paints with strategic brushstrokes and unique perspectives and concepts, her paintings are primarily about storytelling, which portrays the human condition; an intimate window that exposes the inner world of her subjects. Nadezda is under the a good way....she creates under the influences of her exposures in theatrical performance and extensive background in costume and character designs for films.

Ed Natiya (NM) Navajo sculptor, painter and drawing. Ed is one of the country's leading Native American artists. Historian would also be an appropriate part of his genre description. He hails from a family rich in art and historical legacies. Natiya's sculptures radiate with life, love, and beauty. And detail. Through his divine use of clay and bronze casting, Ed captures the true sense of his people, from a genuine perspective. He sculpts their stories and native wisdoms as it once was, in hope these teachings and values may be remembered and appreciated onward through the years to come.


Please join us at Lovetts the world turns.....Earth tilt is the reason for the season! Winter Solstice. SOLSTICE BLUE! Can't make it to Stonehenge? Come see the vast examples of the cycles of nature right here in our gallery, where juxtaposition rules the day. In nature, we have polar opposites as in the Summer and Winter solstices and we see how they work together to create a wholeness, a completeness, continuity, and connectedness. We are witnesses to these symbiotic occurrences.

Art is a beautiful and free expression of the creativity in nature and the creativeness of humans. Artists gift us so much through their labors, their individuality, imagination, and independence and yet at the same time producing something that provides unifying effects for many. Symbiosis. Visual storytelling.

To quote Anne Carson...."It was the hour when snow goes blue.....and streetlights come on.....and a hare may pause on the tree line as still as a word in a book."

All of us at Lovetts Gallery look forward to seeing you for this festive occasion.

I hear that Santa says you all have been good this year!


The color of springtime is in the flowers; The color of winter is in the imagination!


(Latin for farewell)

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