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Rear Window Exhibition October 2018 at Lovetts Gallery

Lovetts Gallery Presents Rear Window Exhibition - October 2018

A hearty hello !

Fall is here and nothing signifies its arrival like cooler weather, colorful leaves, short days and long-sleeved clothing. Its a time for pumpkins and turkeys and lighting up the fireplace. But it's also that special time of year when Lovetts Gallery has its fall art exhibition! 

Rear Window Exhibition - October 2018 at Lovetts Gallery

LISA: Jeff, you know if someone came in here, they wouldn't believe what they'd see!

Lovetts Gallery will be proudly parting the curtains and lifting the blinds for the Fall exhibition, REAR WINDOW, on October 20th from 10:00 to 5:00.

The 1954 movie, Rear Window, is basically a story of people watching people and the events that take place in the midst of ordinary life, but with a few actions heightening curiosity, suspense and mystery. Possibly a commission of a crime? Jeff and his girlfriend Lisa are the main characters. Jeff, a wheelchair bound photographer with a broken leg,  stuck in his apartment feeling edgy and bored, decides to entertain himself by watching the machinations of his neighbors out his rear apartment window. Or perhaps its spying. Perspective?

Why the theme? What's the connection?

The movie explores human curiosity by the act of people watching. If you watch it.....then you become people, watching people.....watching people. Irony?! We observe and become the observed in life, from the ordinary and routine to the extraordinary and unexpected actions, with spoken words and articulated silences.

Possibilities and potentials. Perspectives?

Sight and insight.

Art is acutely visual and interpretive. Art brings what's unconscious to consciousness. Slow motion to sudden movements.

As the shape, color, and  expression of our eyes are unique and it is with art. Art is compelling and persuasive as it is abundant in supply of multiple perspectives. The film, Rear Window, is an example of people processing what they see and how it affects them on a personal level. We invite you to attend an art exhibition of  46 unique and individual artists, with whom many are new to the gallery, through their visual and physical works, to engage yourself. Lovetts Gallery provides an enjoyable event to experience your own "rear window" through the great artists, AKA visionaries, who will be revealing their talented, creative and rich works. Of course, you art collectors are visionaries too and that is the magic and drama of the human connection in art. The chosen perspective? You get the last word.

Get the picture?

I know you do!

Come spy the REAR WINDOW exhibition!

Camera pans........

Rear Window Exhibition - October 2018 at Lovetts Gallery

LISA: Tell me exactly what you saw and what you think it means.


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