Richard Satava-The Vitreous World of Hand Blown Glass

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Richard Satava Seascapes in Hand Blown Glass at Lovetts Fine Art Gallery 

Large Moon Side Swimmer - Hand Blown Glass by Richard SatavaLarge Moon Side Swimmer

Spongebob has shown us the humorous side to underwater life, but artist Richard Satava shows us the serious side to the aquatic habitat with grandness, majesty and beauty. He spares nothing when it comes to color and form. Plunge into the vitreous world.....of Richard Satava!

From California, Richard Satava is a master glassblower who possesses the highest degree of technical skills and artistic creativity in his work. He is distinctively known for both his vases with brilliant, vivid colors and jellyfish sculptures that have an ethereal translucent nature. Richard achieves remarkable and intense detail and dimension in his designs and creations and each original piece is from glass he has formulated and made himself, along with his own exclusive color formulas.

Moon Seascape - Hand Blown Glass by Richard SatavaMoon Seascape

Richard Satava Demonstrates how he makes his Seascapes in Hand Blown Glass

While a piece is on Satava's blowpipe, his torch melts colored rods of glass to create precise images on the surface or suspended within layers of clear glass. The vase pieces we have in our gallery at present depict jellyfish on one and nautilus on the other. We also offer a vessel depicting oceanic swirls and currents with a top piece clearly ensconced with a jellyfish for the lid with this stunning work. Satava's sculptures take you to the wonders of the deep blue sea. Or rather....Richard brings the deep blue sea to you! 

These are one of several series of subject matter that Richard creates and we look forward to introducing more aspects of nature through his vision and work in hand blown glass.

Lovetts Gallery invites you to discover the hand blown glass of world renowned artist Richard Satava.

Pacific Coast Sapphire Bowl - Hand Blown Glass by Richard SatavaPacific Coast Sapphire Bowl

The nautilus of Satava is inspirational for him, but this sea creature has inspired writers as well. Due to its rich imagery, "The Chambered Nautilus", by Oliver Wendell Holmes, is one of the most enduring nature poems of the mid-nineteenth century. From its spiral shell, doth live the sea creature, the nautilus. As it grows, the nautilus develops new, larger chambers of its shell in which to live, closing off the old chambers and gradually forming a spiral. Holmes poetry refers to the nautilus as a "ship of pearl" sailing through enchanted but dangerous waters until it is wrecked; the nautilus as a metaphor for the human soul.

Chambered Nautilus Flask - Hand Blown Glass by Richard SatavaChambered Nautilus Flask

Oh barnacles.....I hope you enjoy this!

The Chambered Nautilus

This is the ship of pearl, which, poets feign,

Sails the unshadowed main,

The venturous bark that flings,

On the sweet summer wind its purpled wings,

In gulfs enchanted, where the siren sings,

And coral reefs lie bare,

Where the cold sea-maids rise to sun their streaming hair.


It's webs of living gauze no more unfurl;

Wrecked is the ship of pearl!

And every chambered cell,

Where its dim dreaming life was wont to dwell,

As the frail tenant shaped his growing shell,

Before thee lies revealed,

Its iris ceiling rent, its sunless crypt unsealed!


Year after year beheld the silent toil,

That spreads his lustrous coil;

Still, as the spiral grew,

He left the past year's dwelling for the new,

Stole with soft step its shining archway through,

Built up its idle door,

Stretched in his last-found home and knew the old no more.


Thanks for the heavenly message brought by thee,

Child of the wandering sea,

Cast from her lap, forlorn!

From thy dead lips a clearer note is born,

Than ever Triton blew from wreathed horn!

While on my ear it rings,

Through the deep caves of thought I hear a voice that sings:


Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul,

As the swift seasons roll!

Leave thy low-vaulted past!

Let each new temple, nobler than the last,

Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast,

Till thou at length art free,

Leaving thine outgrown shell by life's unresting sea!