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“One of the strangest things is the act of creation.
You are faced with a blank slate-- -a page, a canvas, a block of stone or wood, a silent musical instrument.
You then look inside yourself. You pull and tug and squeeze and fish around for slippery raw shapeless things that swim like fish made of cloud vapor and fill you with living clamor. You latch onto something. And you bring it forth out of your head like Zeus giving birth to Athena.
And as it comes out, it takes shape and tangible form. It drips on the canvas, and slides through your pen, it springs forth and resonates into the musical strings, and slips along the edge of the sculptor’s tool onto the surface of the wood or marble.
You have given it cohesion. You have brought forth something ordered and beautiful out of nothing.
You have glimpsed the divine.” - Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Lovetts Gallery has several new artists to introduce to you with their divine works. So, let’s get started!

Four artists. Four mediums: Glass, oils, metals and acrylics.


Working with materials and bringing them into a symbiotic existence with a soulful approach, artist Debra Adelson aims to create work with an obvious human touch. Creation involves exploration and it is the translucency and the subtle fluidity of glass that this artist seeks to scrutinize in her work. She begins with solid pieces of raw optical and dichroic glass which she laminates and cold works into her desired shape. For refraction, light reveal, and optical depth, she then engraves the surface of the glass with diamond and stone wheels to achieve textures. The bottom layer of dichroic glass fills the pieces with glowing, opalescent color that changes depending on the angle the piece is viewed. Debra constructs the sterling elements and then carves back into the glass so the metal and gemstones become an integral part of her designs. Adelson’s exploration is certainly inspired by the forces of nature.

Whether her free standing sculptured works or piece of jewelry such as a ring or pendant, Debra succeeds beautifully at cohesion. Her expertise with these materials is stunning. They appear as if lit with the effects of mechanical lighting but they are not, which goes to prove the wonder in nature that can be revealed by the skillfulness of an artist. Debra Adelson, is that artist.

Debra is married to artist Pavel Novak, who also does captivating glass work and is represented here at Lovetts Gallery.



Artist Michele Amatrula, takes what’s in her head and heart and lets it slip onto her canvas in oils that reveal her works in high detail. As a realist painter, Michele illustrates her attention to details in her drawings and paintings. Her work appears as book covers, magazine illustrations, collectibles and postage stamps.

Still life’s, portraiture's and pets have comprised her choices of subject matter. Michele is also known for her love of animals, especially the place she has in her heart for dogs. This truth is obvious by the way she cares and shows that care by reflecting the personalities they embody.

Her nostalgic bottle caps in “Old Red Eye” brings forth rich memories exemplifying her execution of sharp detail work. The mood of Michele’s oil on canvas, “Cheeseplate”, seems to say calm and refined, nourishment that feeds the soul as much as the body. Amatrula has made valuable use of light and shadow to whet the appetite in this piece. Man shouldn’t live by bread alone………but accompany it with cheese, fruit and a glass of red wine. Harmony is a wonderful thing! Cheers!



Form follows function. Just ask sculpture artist Robertson Brown. “I love working with discarded pieces of metal which no longer function as they were intended, but now become new creations and function as art. Form really does follow function.”

An example of form and function is seen in the trajectory of Browns life path. Originally from Eastern Pennsylvania, he moved to Tulsa to attend college. After graduation with a BFA from TU, he went to teach English in Japan. Upon return, with long hair on his head and his art degree in his hand, he started his own business. He states, “In 1985, oil crashed in Tulsa and so did my business. It may have been one of the best things to happen to me and my art.” Robertson went back to TU and became certified to teach art. At the same time, he also began creating sculptures. He taught visual art and art history for many years, during when much of the “Lost and Found” series of his art was created. . And he continues to create! Hmmm……. looks like form following function!

With minimal fabrication, he depends on the pieces to help him determine their final placement in his artwork. Found Object Constructions by Brown consists of mixed metals and glass along with a myriad of re-purposed objects. Besides his overall design, it is quite interesting to see and try to identify the “objects” that he has utilized for a piece. There are stories on his works on his artist page on Lovetts site. Robertson has latched on to something that breathes new life. And that includes cohesion.



You might deem it appropriate to don your detective hat with this next artist as you take an investigative tour through the surrealist world of Tyson Grumm. His freeze-framed images capture a world where the only clues to the past and the future can be derived from the figures located within fantastical surroundings.

Consequently, each painting reveals a story that is only partially told, enabling each viewer to contribute their own unique story to complete each of Grumm’s works. Tyson not only accomplishes cohesion in his art but invites the viewer to be a part of that cohesiveness.

Grumm does his creating with acrylics and inventiveness, inviting us into an extraordinary and often nostalgic world of imaginative imagery. To provide a degree of familiarity, the artist relies on common objects from his surroundings, motifs appearing at the beginning, that evolve themselves into the composition. His figures, whether human or animal appear to be both characters and caricatures, distinctive and unusual, and often with historical significance.

Created entirely in the adventurous mind of this artist, Grumm juxtaposes incongruous elements, such as humans, wild animals, and whimsical back drops within each frame, resulting in a surreal topsy-turvy world. With all that you will uncover in viewing this artist work, you will soon discover his clever sense of humor. There’s no doubt when you research the works of Tyson Grumm that you will find the evidence is engaging and creative.


I am closing this by referencing where I started. Vera’s quotation illustrates and encapsulates the powerful process and act of creating with the ending results of cohesion. “One of the strangest things is the act of creation.” It’s no wonder that we yearn in connecting with art as we seemingly know on some level that people are as much a piece of work as the work that’s created.

Lovetts Gallery invites you to glimpse the divine of all the fine artists and their works that we represent. We welcome you to not only glimpse…….but stare, admire, drool, fuss over, love, collect and own!



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