We see a cool Spring exiting the picture to 

allow Summer its turn, 


These two seasons illustrate transition, each 

on its natural sojourn. 


As the flowers and fields mature and height is 

gained by the trees, 


The sunshine smiles bright as the warm air

dances with birds and bees. 


The characteristics and experience of the 

natural world is planted in us, season to season. 

Human nature with its features, perspectives, and 

talents is very creative too. A beautiful example

is the skillful artists who enrich us by the 

divergent ways they express it. 


Art is an experience. 


Feed it. Give it light and love and a place

in your life. 


Art is always, respectfully, in season. 


Please join us for a Hot Art exhibition…that’s 

really cool! 


Calendar date is June 11, 2022 

A seasonal prediction that will certainly come true.