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All Male Review

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This blog is about revealing five male artists to you that you may have never seen before. Their art that is……… lest you thought something else! A reveal and a review. Pulling the curtain of talent back………

From British Colombia, artist Jerry Markham, proves through his work to not be timid or shy away from a good challenge. His artwork boldly shows a daring and bravado approach. Exploring a variety of subject matter that includes landscapes, figures, urban scenes and animals, Jerry keeps himself open to anything that commands his attention. It really is a matter of inspiration and expression. The combination of the two is what precedes his drawing and painting.

Markham, always the consummate student, strives in his evolution and growth in his work, whether by pushing the composition, altering light or color, or experimenting with how the paint is applied. He describes painting as the quest to express an idea that words can’t describe—a culmination of experiences, ideas and craft that invokes a feeling from the viewer. Jerry does Plein Air work and has a wide variety of exposure to different people and places that enrich the quest he embarks upon.

It is with oil paints that Markham performs and captures. “I want to capture the essence of a subject more than the specifics. If the work is loose and a bit undone, there is more room for the viewer to interpret, to access the painting through their own imaginings”.

With an act of flair, impressionism and abstract and a production of mood with color and luminosity, Markham takes you on his quest that is lush with mystery and vibrant with imagination.

This short video of Jerry Markham will show you his beautiful style in progress and process. Enjoy!



“Best in Glass”, is one of many titles this next artist owns. Paul Messink, creating from California, works with kiln-formed glass that is hand-painted, multi-layered glass panels that present nature in deep dimension, presenting natural objects around us in a new way. He says, “My goal is to draw the viewer into the work of art, transforming a painting ( an historically 2D art form) into something more. My outdoor subjects often recede into a foggy distance, creating an ethereal, almost ghostly effect.”

Viewers frequently ask if Messink has embedded a photograph in the layers of glass. His answer to that question, “By using only enamel applied by hand, I create depth using several techniques: layering, diminishing size and color, texture and translucence. I typically use 9-12 layers of glass, then kiln-cast them into a solid panel after all layers are complete.” No photos included! Interestingly, enamel paint is itself made from powdered glass that then fuses with material for permanency.

Already being a technically-minded man, Paul utilizes his disciplines on his prior drawing and painting experience and applies his own technique to his pieces. The process that his work requires is laborious and rewarding. We as the viewer are given the fruits of his labor and likewise gain a rewarding experience along with this artist.

An excerpt of a story on Messink, that was written by Rosalie Murphy for The Desert Sun, gives you a touching insight to Paul…….

“When he talks to kids about art, Messink said, he asks them what part of the body they use to interact with art. Invariably they say the eyes. But, he responds, “The eye just captures the image. It then goes to your brain, where you process the image, you look at the colors and the depth and you understand the work. But then I think it goes to your heart and if you really love a piece of art, it’ll go through the eyes and the brain and all the way to the heart and live there.”

Exactly Paul!

Kansas landscape artist, Brian Slawson works in oils in a contemporary realist style in which his primary focus is on capturing the mood of the subject. He is attracted to subjects that look as though they have a story to tell, a history. “I don’t necessarily try to convey a specific story, I just want people to have the same curiosity about the subject that I capture.” Mission accomplished, Brian! Collectors and viewers of his work frequently share their thoughts about the scenes he paints. Curiosity? What a wonderful element of our cognitive processes, to want to create in and for people. Curiosity involves strong desire to know or learn. It’s inquisitiveness. It’s an eagerness. And it’s wonder.

Slawson beautifully conveys wonder in his work through the rich and colorful palette he paints from and the dramatic moods from his use of lighting. Whether it’s a nostalgic evening at the movie theater full of anticipation and rural romance or standing quietly at the edge of canyon mountains, lowland plains, or rivers, offering enchantment of a rising or setting sun, or the dwellings he paints that promise mystery and memories, Brian makes it happen.



Artist Alex Jove was raised in a small town in the Midwest. Since he was a child, Alex always wanted to live a life with art at the core. In the year 2012, Jove made a serious effort to make the art he had always wanted. That goal resulted in a move to La Paz, Bolivia to train with internationalist muralist, Gonz Jove (his father). Working with Gonz for three years had been an amazing and informative experience, though there was still much to learn. Alex has always had a strong attraction to realism and admired the work of the Old Masters and the classical painting tradition. Seeking deeper disciplines, after learning about the Art Renewal Center, he also learned about Ani Art Academy.

Alex is now an apprentice under Anthony Waichulis, with a dream of finding his artistic voice through logic and discipline.

Jove works in charcoal and white pastel on paper. His piece, Fall: A Bend in the Curve, is a great tribute to his attention and execution of detail. Shadowing and light to dark contrasting provides a depth and perspective to the piece. He’ll lead you to believe you could actually feel the ridges on the pumpkin and squashes if one were to touch the picture. Lil’ Bat shows the harmony of sharp focus and diffuseness together. His work in realism proves that he is successfully accomplishing his dream and has found his artistic language. Lovetts Gallery is excited to be a part of Alex Jove’s journey in art.

From the South Shore of Nova Scotia, where he appreciatively shares a backyard with deer, bears, coyotes, and a huge variety of birds, artist Guy Hobbs continues his love for the wilder places of the planet. It seems only natural that Guy would specialize exclusively in wildlife art! He is also a self-confessed “bird-nerd”! He states, “It amazes me that it took so long for me to marry my love for wildlife with my passion for art. Obviously, it takes far smarter people than me to make such profound connections (in this case my wife), but once made, it changed my world.

Before working full time as an artist, as he does now, Guy’s career was in graphic design and illustration and established a successful agency in England. All along he had constantly developed his skills as an artist. By taking the plunge with total time and dedication to his artwork now, with no looking back, Hobbs claims, “I have the best job in the world”!

Creating from the “drawing board” is different these days for this artist. He has developed a technique that combines layers of acrylic paint, coloured pencil and transparent acrylic inks; a process that really allows him to capture the subtleties and intricacies of nature. Hobbs says, “My highest priority when portraying a subject is to capture its consciousness. My subjects are engaged with their world, watching things beyond the confines of a frame--often regarding the viewer directly--or something out of the frame. This is important to me because birds and animals are seldom random or vague, they are focused on their world with real intensity. It is this intensity I want to capture. When you encounter a wild thing in its own habitat, there is a moment when you regard it and it regards you and the rest of the world just becomes background. That is a very real and special connection and one I want to share through my art.

Hobbs does a beautiful job making connections! “Severe Cold-Snow Leopard” is breathtaking and a perfect example of artistic and natural intensity. “Night Owl” and “Feeling Blue” do too, as you literally come eye to eye with them. “Conspiracy Theory” is a sweet bit of humor to the lighter side of nature!

Come and get connected by the artworks of Guy Hobbs!

As you can see, these five talented gentlemen bring something creative and talented to the center stage of art through their priorites and actions. All driven by passion……all invested by hard work……all rendering a picture of nature and the nature of things. To some, their work will speak clearly, to some, their work will speak subtly. The point is....…are you listening? (curtain closes)

A round of applause is appropriate!


But wait! The show isn’t over and these artists have certainly not left the stage! Their bodies of work are available for you to see right now at Lovetts Gallery.

(more rapturous hand clapping!)

Raven Sawyer

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