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Raven Sawyer

Raven Sawyer

Wednesday, 13 April 2016 17:42

Newsletter | March 2016

bob dylan art quote

March Salutations

“It was one of those March days, when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold. When it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.”

Charles Dickens certainly has a poetic way to describe the look and feel of transition.


Before Lovetts Gallery transitions into March news, we pause to say thank you once more for your enthusiasm and support for the Altitude Project exhibition in February. It was certainly a delight to have such talented artists in house for the show. The Collectors Circle always makes it a fun and enjoyable evening.

One thing that was striking about the altitude project exhibit, is how on different levels, in diverse ways, all six of the artists skillfully projected reflections about life. Here, I would like to reflect on them.

Steven Walker catches our attention with his play on lighting and the common elements in our everyday lives. As you look at the lamp, the hotel room, the light over the sink of dishes or stove, being in an underground parking lot with the contrasts and the motion, your memory is provoked, whether it be recently or many years ago.  He paints with reverence for the beauty of the familiar. Being at a higher altitude sometimes comes from being lower, at ground level or even underground. Every day. All we have at this very moment, after all……. is today. Walker shows us that. Memories are for yesterday and Steven gives us that too. Steven doesn’t take life and his talents for granted and neither should we. His paintings create reflection, outwardly and inwardly. Let his light shine on you!


Roseta Santiago took the challenge to expose her imagination for the Altitude show. As anyone who has dared to reveal deeper things about themselves knows…this is a place of great vulnerability. Lovetts feels honored that Roseta felt safe to share and debut other parts of herself as an artist for this exhibit. The collaboration with photographer Stephen Lang was also an extension of her flexing. Combining emotions, deep thoughts and an imaginative twist to unify her ideas, she seeks to provoke a state of questioning for the viewer, to explore their emotional response to a piece of art. To think and to feel is to be human. Part of her challenge, was to challenge us. Being the honest woman I am, I have to admit seeing myself in her painting, “Attitude”! Self-contradiction, a paradox…. a breathing puzzle! A strong image of the feminine mystique. Rosita’s’ painting, “Love-A Game of Chance” may speak of uncertainty, risk-taking and the external, arbitrary forces that affect human affairs. I predict good fortune for you when you see Santiago’s new work.

Josh George, painstakingly creative, uses his paints on collage technique as he continues in an energetic direction. He is as complex as his work. His pieces are a weave of architectural design, human design and behavioral traits. Albeit with a sly and witty sense of humor added in. He is as colorful as his palette which is varied in pastels to bold. With great forethought and precision, he inlays his collage pieces, which are narratives in and of themselves. The whole of a single work of George’s is a story. He stops you. No mere glance will do. “Follow as long as you can” …. people walking down the street, right? But what is happening? A blind man is holding on to the shoulder of the gentleman in front of him for guidance. Friend or helpful citizen? Either-or, there is more than one way to hitch a ride. Maybe that’s not what is occurring at all. Do you see the persons’ shadow following behind the woman in her blue dress? A man enjoying the view of a pretty woman ahead of him or following the bouquet of her perfume which is sweeter than the city scents around them? Or how about “Dinner Date”? She stands at the window with a bowl of Fruit Loops as a bat greets her at the glass. A fruit bat? Most think of cereal as a breakfast item, but at my house it has been dinner many times over. Life and the living of it is a collage. “Before The Heist”, I wonder…. are they planning a robbery, a hold-up? But wait. Look at her face. It radiates with such delight as she holds her man as he is shaving. Is love being stolen here? I don’t know. What do you see? These are just a few examples of the places Josh will take you!

Destination: Imagination



Galleries are always in transition with artworks leaving and new works and artists coming in. All the artists continue to hone their skills and challenge themselves. Being an artist requires a “whole” experience to create: Physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually and imaginatively. They do these things along with the same struggles in life, the rest of us experience. Transition is inevitable for all of us. As we transition to a new month, and soon a new season, Lovetts will be in continual transition with art and new exhibits.

Speaking of upcoming exhibits, Lovetts Gallery is in the planning throes for:

This unique show, scheduled for June, is a miniature exhibition. Only the scale of the art will be smaller, as the group of artist presenting will be large. They are exercising their artistic talents with a burning desire and sharing in the concept of celebration for artistic freedom for Fahrenheit. We will welcome you to bring your burning desire to see and share in this event as there is cause for celebration for us all as we enjoy the freedom of expression through art and the freedom to enjoy it!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 17:38

Fowl Play

You better believe it!

“Ruling the roost” is artist Melanie Florio. With her “sunny side up” personality, she has done a series titled “Chicken Scratch”. A curious combination of vintage/modern is what this California oil artist brings to the Imagination at Lovetts Gallery. Her zest for life, obviously spills out when her paintbrush touches the canvas. She is masterful at blending, not only with her choice of colors but with her subjects as well. The bright hues of her characters stand in vivid contrast against the warm tones of the backgrounds in her paintings. Melanie will have you wondering “which came first, the chicken or the egg”, with the expression of her characters and the unusual predicaments she places them in.

Florio’s series has a humorous narrative but a serious talent with her oil painting. Her piece, “The Little Red Hen”, is a generous example of her genius. A deep foreboding storm is collecting overhead, the hen’s behaviors are tempestuous and apprehension is seen in the women’s facial expression, yet a capriciousness exists. Clothed in a red dress, with her purse hanging from her arm and a loaf of bread in a sack, this “little red hen” is being heckled. Are the chickens “egging her on” to drop her bounty?

Perhaps Melanie’s summary describes it best: “I think the story probably ends with her beating them all off with the loaf and then having a delicious chicken sandwich later that evening”!

This painting has a rich, master’s quality: A roguish Renaissance charm on the farm!

Florio’s’ paintings will “feather a fine nest” in your art collection.

“Fly the coop” to the gallery and see her work for yourself. “Don’t be a chicken”!

Welcome to the Imagination Melanie Florio

Nicki Carson

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 17:35


” Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Georgia artist, Joe Remillard, knows the value of moments and memories and he demonstrates what he knows by painting in oils on canvas.

His piece “Palm House” depicts the beauty and simplicity in everyday life. The merging of individuality and community is evident in his work. Attention to detail is seen in the variety of foliage in the yards and fences and the cracks in the concrete.

Joe’s painting style is Traditional Realism. He never uses projection or tracing to do his work and he draws and paints daily as an artist and as a full professor at Kennesaw State University. Using a discriminating awareness of light, he intimates at the stratum of historical and modern elements in his compositions and color.

Reflecting in thought, Joe philosophizing says, “The times within which we live……. are just a tiny piece of a much bigger picture. I see that tiny piece as containing some universal ideas about life and beauty, which I hope are reflected in my art.”


Raven Sawyer

Thursday, 05 May 2016 17:28


Coming to us from Southern California, Lovett's is proud to present the multitalented artist Nancy Von der Launitz. Step into the realm of possibility which Nancy has created and experience the beauty for yourself.

Using oil on linen with a refined gracefulness, Nancy brings us captivating portraits of beautiful women. Drawing on her own life experiences as a make-up artist and hair stylist for the fashion and entertainment worlds, Nancy's propensity for detail is dainty and delicious. Fanciful settings draw you into the paintings where you are overtaken with the bewitching, yet elegant charm of her subjects.

Yulia --- A popular Russian name, but who is this intriguing lady? A noblewoman, an actress, a spy? Clearly a high fashion woman who loves to show off her trend-setting verve, while her calming stance displays she has great savoir faire. This painting is interesting in the fact that one can only view her face. Eyes are the window to the soul, so the saying goes. What are her eyes telling you?

Dress Shop --- Haute-couture is the only thing to say for this dressmaking establishment. Clearly this custom made, exclusive dress was created by a brilliant fashion designer. You have to view this painting in person to fully appreciate all the distinctive, delicate elements that Nancy painted on the gown. The dress is gorgeous; the model is stunning. I don't know about all the other ladies, but I sure would like to visit this dress shop.

Jade --- Relaxing on her chaise lounge, gazing off in thought, this siren silently pulls you into her world. Totally complacent with her surroundings, she suggests just a hint of herself with that come-hither look in her eyes. The impressive headdress and ornate feathered fan stand out in their own way, but do not take away from this finely accessorized lady. With the pearl necklace, the dwindling beads, bracelet and ring, Nancy has a way to complete the look of perfection.

Nancy delivers intense, spectacular beauty perfectly balanced with softness. She has the unique ability to combine grandeur with loveliness.


Nicki Carson

Friday, 13 May 2016 17:26

It’s Friday the 13th!!

Crowley - the cat

It’s Friday the 13th and that doesn’t scare us here at Lovetts Gallery! Owner Jack Summers, even owns a black cat (pictured above...j/k, but not.).

The only fear we have is….” where are we going to place that awesome piece of art that just arrived?”

No peeking before the show!

Besides the many new art pieces that come in daily, the Fahrenheit Exhibition artists are starting to send in their new finished works for the show. Crystal is so enthusiastic with their arrivals; she has claimed the unveiling of their contents as her sole responsibility. She is like a little girl at Christmas!! With wide-eyed wonder, oohs and aahs, and soft giggles, she has decided that all artistic works, shall pass through her hands first. And good hands they are… Crystal uncrates, gently and respectfully, caring for each piece and keeps the artists briefed on transit and conditions. Crystal loves art and we love her!

Raven Sawyer

Thursday, 19 May 2016 17:24

Sheri DeBow on Grimm

Did you know that artist Sheri DeBow, who works with German Polymer Clay for her sculptures, is a star? Well, her dolls certainly are! They are about to debut their acting career on the NBC series Grimm! Three of DeBows dolls are featured in the season’s finale, “The Beginning of the End, Parts 1 and 2” which will air back to back on Friday, May 20th! The Grimm series is inspired by the classic Grimm’s Brothers Fairy Tales. It’s a supernatural crime drama involving a police detective who can see the dual nature of creatures among us, hiding in human form.

We are so happy for Sheri, who is a real, true living doll herself! Congratulations!

Sheri DeBow……. always a star at the Imagination!

Sheri DeBow is a long-standing member of artists at Lovetts Gallery. She will be presenting in the Fahrenheit exhibition and full of spooky surprises for the Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew Exhibition with a parallel project, “Ghost Stories From The Attic”.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 17:19

Newsletter | May 2016

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

“When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog that is news”, so get ready for news with bite!

We are still enjoying some rather cool and enjoyable temps around here, as it should be, during the predawn of summer. But come June 10th and 11th……...Lovetts Gallery will be on fire with an intensity and display of art that is so fierce that we had to name the exhibition FAHRENHEIT. No worries, the only thing that will burn is your heart. Okay, your eyes will glow too. Trust me…that’s a good thing!

Over 60 artists will be presenting for FAHRENHEIT, a show loosely themed, based on the book by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury celebrated a lifetime of wonder and imagination: attribute’s that we foster at Lovetts Gallery. This miniatures exhibition will feature artists nationally and internationally, in a diverse range of mediums, represented by more than 130 works on a smaller scale. The size criteria is 6 x 6 to 16 x 20 or up to 36 united inches for this exhibit.

Although the story deals with literature and the burning of books, the analogy to art is applicable. It’s an account of a dystopian society and censorship. The major themes being freedom of the individual, conformity/non-conformity and self-suppression/expression. Books were considered bad because they make people question and think, reflect and dream. Art could just as well become victimized in a dystopian environment……….

but we aren’t there today….and would not want to take this freedom for granted!

Lovetts Gallery presents the FAHRENHEIT exhibition as a celebration! This show is an opportunity to honor the freedoms of having a voice to create art and to own it. Struggle and Rebirth: Art represents vision and ideas, tenacity and imagination. Art grants us the occasion to see the triumphs of the human spirit and the importance that it imparts in our lives, will never be destroyed. Celebrating our freedom to express in such bold and intimate ways protects the burning flame of passion for creating art from being extinguished. Art removes the smokescreens of inaction, conformity and distractions that obscure life experiences and interferes with the ability to think deeply and reflect about our lives.

Lovetts Gallery presents Fahrenheit from Lovetts Gallery on Vimeo.

Art is about free thought, individuality, ideas and the expression of them

Celebration…………………...not destruction!

The “Arts”, in general, is and has always been a reflection of culture. A chronicle: The music we sing to, what we read, what makes us dance, what we create and how we visualize life and life experiences, and what we imagine and dream.

Special thanks goes to the artists of FAHRENHEIT, who are charged up to set people’s hearts ablaze with their unique styles of self-expression!

At Lovetts Gallery, there are no foolish notions like…defining “normal”. The beauty of art expression is its mark of individuality. It’s visionary.

Please mark your calendars for this very hot exhibit………………. where it will be a pleasure to burn! Show dates: June 10 Opening Nights Preview 5:00 to 8:00 pm Invitation Only

June 11 Open to the public 10:00 to 5:00 pm

Oil artist, Dave Ivey, from Louisiana is adding to the landscape at Lovetts Gallery. Literally! With his love of the natural world and its inherent elements, Dave takes to his work with an impressionistic style of painting. He believes that multiple approaches are important to being a good artist. He loves the outdoors and this includes painting there as well. (plein air) The atmospheric conditions, the place, the time and the variable engagements of light, are sources of inspiration for Ivey. He shares his experiences of the world through his art and has a desire for those who view his pieces to continue the experience for themselves. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said…. A man’s style is his voice. You will hear what Dave has to say through what he creates.

Ivey also has a great sense of humor in storytelling. I want to share a true tale of his for the enjoyment of it and for the insight it gives about his lifelong drive and passion for being an artist.

It was a warm spring morning and I remember sitting in Ms. Brooks first grade class on the second floor of Claiborne Elementary. As usual I was not paying attention to Ms. Brooks or what was going on in class. I was looking out the window, listening and watching the birds. When without warning, I suddenly felt a sharp whack on the back of my neck. Instinctively flinching away while turning at the same time to see “those” two piercing eyes zeroing in through tear drop glasses, was…” oh no” …Ms. Brooks and her killer ruler. “What are you doing!” was not a question, but a declaration that I was in trouble. Words I had heard so many times over the course of that first grade year, words that would wake me from my sleep. I was drawing; I was always drawing and coloring. Now many years later, I am still drawing and coloring.

Tee-hee…Ms. Brooks must be very proud of how Dave Ivey’s story turned out! We are too!

Two more artists new to Lovetts Gallery is Joe Remillard and Jennifer O’Cualain. Joe immortalizes the beauty of moments as a Traditional Realist. His range of subject matter covers landscapes to landmarks with modern and historical elements. His philosophy is “life is precious and fleeting”. This is reflected by his contemplative thought and attention to detail in the depictions of home and its relation to community and daily life. Georgia is home for Remillard. Painting from Arizona, Jennifer’s subject matter speaks of life as well…wildlife. She illustrates her animals by being anthropomorphic; sensitivity to their individual traits, she personifies human emotions in them. You will be held in captivity by their eyes and expressions and the way O’cualain so softly paints their portraits.


Pop artist, Andy Warhol, vocalized “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” I totally agree because we are going through lots of innovative changes, by choice. Always first and foremost, we want your experience with art to be maximized. Spearheading the changes are Trent Tomlinson and Crystal Oliver, who have enthusiastically come on board with Lovetts. They bring intelligent, imaginative ideas and skills and are implementing methods to make your adventure in art acquisition more potent and proficient.

We invite you to visit/sign up on our blog to follow us and stay current on what’s happening in the gallery.

Lovetts Gallery is deeply appreciative of the partnering relationships we have with our clients. To be in a profession that bridges the passion and talent of an artist with the love and respect of a collector is the ultimate in match-making!

Thank you!

Raven Sawyer

Thursday, 09 June 2016 17:16

Oda and King-Dyadic Love Story

Oda and Kit not only married their lives but they also married their art, which is their passion. A wonderful love story about Corey Oda Popp and Kit King, husband and wife, two individuals maintaining a sociologically significant relationship. Dyadically, they are the merging of two separate artistic careers into one painting entity. Collaborative…. but not in the traditional sense, “OdaKing” creates in a fascinating sequence----a way where the viewer cannot tell where one hand leaves off and the other begins. They are as fluid as the medium of oil they work in, producing pieces that are rich in texture and high-level detail, resulting in an edgy hyper-realistic style.

Viewing their piece “Never Here”, is evidence of their artistic talent, contemporary art born through love. Seeing this work in the gallery, reveals a well-executed painting in oil and silver leaf; a woman in repose as she lays among the leaves.

They are well known for their portrait works, but they are not shy to experiment and push the boundaries with new techniques, mediums and surfaces. Living, loving and creating from the French countryside of Curran, Ontario, Canada……. Oda and Kit……claim “It would be madness to be doing anything different!”

“This just made sense, we feel our best work comes when we work as one. We are fortunate that we have similar styles and approach and that our work blends so seamlessly together, especially with working in photorealism.”

The dyad of a man and woman.

The dyad of two artists.

OdaKing----------------A perfect love story of the two becoming one. That’s a masterpiece!

Don’t wait to come see “Never Here” at Lovetts Gallery…………. before it is never here!


Raven Sawyer

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 17:14

What does the Fox Say?

After much waiting and anticipation, artist Kelley Hensing has new pieces in the gallery at Lovetts. She produces her work with great inspiration by searching to illustrate humanity’s desires and phobias and our attempts to understand and control our world. Kelley’s paintings contain elements of mythology and historical folklore in her narrative and illustrative style.

Kelley is fascinated with human development and the progressive and elaborate connections to the natural world and how we utilize them to define our purpose.

She approaches her subjects with sacredness, objectiveness and complexity.

In “Fox Spirit”, created in oils, Hensing tells us the spirit of nature (Fox) is abundant, but the gluttonous primates continue consuming and wasting what they have. The owls represent the 3 Fates as silent observers.

That’s what Kelley Hensing says.

That’s what the fox says.


Awesome is what you will say!

Raven Sawyer

Tuesday, 24 May 2016 17:11

Born from Ashes

The oil painting, “Phoenix”, by Jane Radstrom, is proudly being installed for the Fahrenheit Exhibition! This beautiful figurative of Jane’s shows the power and passion of her fiery talent. The luminosity of the woman’s skin, the relaxed body posturing, the strong, confident tilt of her head and the contrasts of light against the deep rich colors of her garment and background are enough to captivate. But Radstrom goes on to mesmerize with hair and lips the color of heat.

Jack is very particular with lighting in the gallery and with each individual piece. The “Phoenix” is painted in a way that looks as if it is museum lit all the time. (regardless of exterior light positioning) Jane has done outstanding in producing this effect.

“Phoenix” is available at Lovetts Gallery.

Get affected.

There is poetry in a phoenix experience!

Raven Sawyer

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