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Raven Sawyer

Raven Sawyer

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 22:58

Unexpected intrusions

“Unexpected intrusions of beauty. This is what life is.”

Saul Bellow


At Lovetts Gallery, we always invite you to expect the unexpected intrusions of beauty through art!

Today, I’m happy to introduce you to three new artists in our gallery…..their gallery…..your gallery! They each bring something special to the work table and the canvas, and something special to your room or wall. For those of you who may not already know them, here’s the scoop!

Artist Joseph Breza, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, creates his own language in color. He considers color to be the foremost component of his paintings. He takes the approach of laying down large fields of oil paint and then flattening them out in some areas giving his work texture and dimension, drawing out strong planes of color from the image. An artist who is always experimenting, he sometimes lays down thin washes to capture the power of the idea more quickly. “I like to observe the reflections on a pond in the Spring and Fall. Winter interests me because the snow creates big, abstract areas. The more I get into the art, the more depth I find. The simplest idea, like Cezanne’s apples, is sometimes the most incredible.

Breza’s collaborative vision and colorful voice is an overlapping, a collage if you will, of art experiences he has had from his times in Europe, the scenery and nature of New Mexico, and his appreciation and the influences of classical impressionists like Monet and Renoir. Joseph combines his keen eye and talent the same as he connects what he sees with what he feels. Then he “knows”! Now you “know”!


Taylor Kubicek is an artist who executes his work primarily in oils. His Contemporary Realist style lends itself to contemplative symbolism. By exploring the subtle emotional qualities of familiar objects. His figurative works often reflect common archetypes found in life. Taylor creatively portrays technology mixed with common objects that many of us identify with. The objects he paints are iconic and some include people with them as well. It is interesting how he positions his figures with these items from the past and creates his narratives. His skill with lighting gives his piece’s mood and atmosphere.

Taylor is a family man and has been and is a civically minded and involved artist in his community of Joplin, Missouri. We are excited to have Taylor on board as a part of our community at Lovetts Gallery.


From Portland, Oregon, sculpture artist Richard Moore III works to find the perfect balance of classic sculpture, blended with a modern twist to create a unique and seamless style of his own. And he definitely has accomplished his goal! The size of his pieces range from being from quite small to a grand scale. Richard got his initial schooling in painting, but soon realized that his talent and ideas were far more compatible with sculpture. Entirely self-taught doing his clay and wax models and with some appreciated tips along his journey, he learned the technical applications such as welding, mold making and pouring bronze. Although his background and training was painting which he has since abandoned in favor of 3-dimensional work, he does however still draw fairly regularly. Richard confesses his art life is pretty basic and almost boring really. Sculpting, as well as drawing, are very time consuming and solitary, so the majority of my time is spent in my studio……which is what I call my basement these days.

Sounds like a man-cave with an artistic twist to me, Richard! Tee-hee!

Usually he just goes by Rick.

He says, “My family however, still seems to think it’s appropriate to call me “Ricky”, despite the fact I’m 43 (or older, depending on when you read this)”. He has had his first child…….” which is so strange…. being set in my ways as I’ve become. (This alien creature invading my space…. it’s a good thing he is so adorable!) Since I spend the majority of my time being OCD with clay, I’d never really considered having any kidettes as a viable option until recently I guess.

No worries Rick! Kids are a lot like clay…..a creative process! It’s great to see your sense of humor……it will come in handy! LOL

Speaking of handy….you have got to see the imagination at work in Richard Moore III piece “Octohandy”! He says “since there’s almost nothing creepier than the cold dead stare of a Cephalopod. I thought I’d try to up the ante by adding some human hands.” This is a beautiful piece. The patina on the bronze is striking, the detail all over is intense, the poise----perfect. The only thing creepy, would be the missed opportunity seeing this bronze for yourself!

We will be getting more provocative bronze work in of his quite soon. As for the human form, he tries to capture its physical grace and to keep things interesting by capturing one of the more primal emotions that all people are capable of expressing. Moore feels compelled to make what he does and that once he gets it in his head to create something, he can’t stop till he is finished. His work is very strong in narrative and purpose.


(Oops! I mean Rick!)

With formal introductions made, I hope you will do yourself a delight and see their work in person. It’s always a fine day for fine art! At Lovetts Gallery……you can expect to see the unexpected intrusions of beauty!

Raven Sawyer

Monday, 19 December 2016 21:48

going by in a flurry!

This month is going by in a flurry!


This month is going by in a flurry! I have no doubt most of you are very busy gearing up for the Christmas holiday. Garrison Keillor says, “A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together!” Ho! Ho! Ho! It does seem that way sometimes!

Lovetts Gallery has had many special packages arriving these last few weeks. No Santa shortage here! Elves coming to the backdoor every day! (okay, so maybe not real elves, it’s Fed-ex and UPS) But anyway, my point is…...lots of great new art pieces are here and I want to shout from the rooftops (okay, so maybe it’s really from my desk)!

But…...more rapid than eagles the artists they came,As I whistle and shout and call them by name,Now Mallmann! Now Fox! Now Singleton and Brown!On Schwark! On Lovett! On Saunois and Lewandowski!To the tops of the podiums, to the surface of the walls,

Come view what’s new, come see them all!

Here is a short introduction of some of the talented and starry-skied list of new artists at Lovetts Gallery.

From Little Valley, New York, artist Barbara Fox craves beauty, peace, and order, and paints subjects and settings that reflect this idyllic view of the world. Her work conveys a sense of calm beauty with captivating detail. Whether working in charcoal and pastel, oils, or watercolors, Fox employs numerous layers for building deep values and rich colors. Her processes are laborious, time intensive and requiring of much patience. Barbara’s work pays homage to the working methods of the Dutch masters and the tradition of academic painting which involves balanced and graceful composition as well as precise execution. Fox also works as an illustrator and is a Master Designer for the United States Mint. So far, 21 designs have been minted as coins and medals. Jack just got off the phone with her at her studio and arrangements for new arrivals from her were made! Jolly good!

Going deep is where artist Arturo Mallmann of Alhambra, California goes, and he will take you there too. A vast imaginary landscape with one or more figures in the distance, wondering about their existence, has been a recurrent subject matter in my work. That he states, “is why depth is so important to me”. The technique that he uses consists of applying innumerable coats of translucent acrylic paint between thick coats of resin. He finds this process to be essential to increasing the three-dimensional effects of his paintings. Arturo uses a broad range of color, from warm and cool tones to the subtle or bold. Mallmann says, “In their journey towards the depth, the eyes of the viewer, together with the eyes of the figures, are interrupted by a thick, foggy atmosphere that prevents them to see much further. To me that thick foggy atmosphere where we constantly wonder around and are unable to trespass, represents the barrier beyond which lies the answers to those questions that we so frequently pose to ourselves and to the universe, questions about our unknown origins and the meaning of our existence. Go deep. Go Arturo Mallmann.

Georgian artist, Amanda Lovett captures the vibrancy and energy most people miss in the simple moments of life through her art. Her passion started at an early age as she was inspired to sketch her father’s horses. She continued to draw continuously with pencils and paper as her close companions as her artistic journey continued. As she added invaluable experience and education in her pursuits, it was a watercolor landscape class with Frank Broadhurst, who she credits for starting her on a path as a painter. Six years later Amanda switched her focus to oils and made the commitment to become a full-time artist. With a never-ending desire for growth, her love of learning also led to her desire to teach and share her knowledge with others. Lovett currently teaches workshops at venues across the southeast with a series of subject matters developed to build the core skills necessary for growth at any level. Amanda’s work in oils is seen in subjects as western, landscapes, still lifes, plein air, animals and people. Her approach in style is one of realism with an affection and appreciativeness of impressionism with the elements of light, reflection and movement in her paintings. If you think you may have missed the simple moments in life…. then be sure to view the works of Amanda Lovett and be beautifully reminded!

Stillwater, Oklahoma artist Stephen Schwark, creates what is old and makes it something new. This native of Australia has been creating metal sculpture for years and has collectors from all over the globe. His work is the result of inspiration derived from the perfection of the natural world and the depths of the human imagination. From this combination, he has chosen mostly reclaimed metal for his sculptures. In most instances, the metal has been through decades of wear and use and has then succumbed to a forgotten life on the ground. That is………until Schwark finds this lonely piece of metal and transcends it into a sculpture that can be forever present in one’s presence. Whether it be a bust of Medusa or Black Dog, one can see the artistic strength of Stephen’s work in the purpose of repurposing. The discarded reused…. the old is renewed. The imagination lives on in a continuum.

Wildlife artist Kelly Singleton resides in Havre de Grace, Maryland, where she creates paintings that reflect her love of wildlife and the places they inhabit. Her work in oils are the result of many hours spent observing and photographing wildlife, followed by many more hours behind her easel striving to breathe life into her subjects. Using her real-life experiences of nature and the elements of the wild as the fuel for her inspiration, she hopes that her excitement for the natural world radiates through in her art and that it also conveys the importance of conserving nature. Kelly chooses the subjects of wild animals and birds, primarily of the predatory species. She spends much time doing fieldwork and gains a very personal connection to her subjects. Singleton paints in watercolor and oils and reflects the rich variety offered in nature that includes seasons, weather and locale; In the snow or the budding time of spring or on land, water or in the air. The birds have their song and the animals have their spirit and Kelly Singleton brings us both.

French painter Laurence Saunois, self-taught with a love of art and a passion for discovery, says this is what gave rise to who she is today: an artist. She embraces the process of constantly evolving as indeed the same as the world and its creations do so, and to remember that which is more beautiful and more just. She states her path is often fraught with doubts, hopes, failures or successes. (Laurence, believe me, you have a lot of company on that path) Creating brings her much joy but it is nothing compared to the joy of giving happiness and emotions. Because art is above all else…this…….to provoke emotions. And she does, as a wildlife painter, sculptor, photographer, author, a conservationist and a wildlife supporter. Childhood experiences would find her being influenced by time spent at her grandparents’ farm in Figeac, where drawing became a passion. Being contemplative and observant about nature, she also found a love for gardening flowers and vegetables. As an adult, her property has become a refuge for more than 60 species of birds, butterflies, flora and fauna. Working in oils and acrylics, Laurence likes creating atmosphere with shadow and light through color and pigments. She sees an animal like a human being, composed with mood and character. It’s getting the right glance, attitude and posture. And a lot of patience is demanded from the artist. Behind every painting is a story and its ones Saunois wants to tell accurately and authentically………and she honorably and beautifully does.

Sculptor Joe Brown creates from Tucson, Arizona where he was born and raised. He did his interning and mentoring with a world class and well renowned sculptor who taught him how to carve stone while he was also attending the University of Arizona for his degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Illustration and Design. Stone became the medium of choice for Joe because of its natural beauty and permeance making it the perfect vehicle to interpret and utilize his artistic abilities. Of importance to Brown for the choice of sculpting in stone was the lack of restrictions regarding size, shape, or color. It can be placed indoors or outdoors with elegance, which provides further flexibility. Joe’s unique take on the world allows him to become Co-designer with Mother Nature. Inspired by natural stone formations and the embracing of its natural flaws, Brown uses his illustrative eye working as a full-time artist. At this time, we have work of his in Marble and Gold Leaf, Alabaster, Onyx, Chlorite and Limestone. Joe has combined and co-designed the beauty of nature and the beauty of the imagination. Together. Naturally.

Located along the shoreline of Lake Huron in Northern Michigan, artist Erwin Lewandowski’s view from his studio, is the perfect realism. It’s where he resides and it’s where he creates. Erwin specializes in colored pencil paintings of subjects and settings from North America and beyond. (he typically uses 40-70 different colors in each drawing!) Realism is his specialty as his style is Contemporary Realism, Hyperrealism and Abstract Realism. Erwin’s signature approach to waterscapes and landscapes is unique and meticulously rendered in detail, and visually appealing in form, content, and composition. His paintings depict slow moving streams, currents, waterfalls, bubbling brooks, quiet river pools and shoreline settings, that perfectly illustrates his ability to create the illusion of a moment in time, measure of space, and fluid movement with a subject that is constant Change and motion. Lewandowski’s landscape series features studies of mountain regions, slot canyons, building elements, and historical ruins from several Indian cultures. He states, “The medium of drawing satisfies one of my cravings for living. I feel compelled to create and I find, in the process of composition and discovery, the most enjoyable experience. As an artist, I have learned that to reap the benefits of anything meaningful, one needs to be focused, disciplined, and willing to accept change and risk.” Allow yourself to come reap the beautiful benefits of Lewandowski’s work.

I invite you to come see the wonderful art of the artists we represent here at Lovetts Gallery. It is always the most wonderful time of year here! Escape the hustle and bustle, take time to see the roses. (you can smell them too, but you might look a little odd sniffing a painting! But hell, we won’t judge!)


As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,So up to Lovetts Gallery the coursers they flew,With a sleigh full of artwork and sculptures too.

Jack spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,And filled all the walls and the stands with a perk,With a wink of their eye, Trent and Crystal, are pros,Making the beautiful art quite a glistening show.As Jack sprang to his van, to his team gave a whistle,And away they all drove, like the down of a thistle.But I heard them all exclaim as they drove out of sightHAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!

We wish you all the best for a happy holiday time. We wish you all the best, ALL the time!

Merry Christmas!Jack, Trent, Crystal and Raven

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 22:16

carry us to worlds

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it, we go nowhere

Carl Sagan


Thanks to the following three artists and their contributions of vision, imagination and creativity as they add to the dimensions of our lives through their works of art. Art represents a visual literacy: inviting us to question, to think, to feel and to reflect. It is a language of communication that presents ideas and shares information and insight. The expression of art speaks in ways that otherwise would be difficult to articulate.


Toronto Canada artist, Olaf Schneider, is an artist who thinks deep and paints large. He can easily be described as an explorer always looking to discover the possibilities in life and art, and bring them together. Olaf, with oils, paints an image and conveys an emotional context that is accessible to the viewer. He achieves this by several methods. At times using expressive and thick impastoed brush strokes or soft-blended strokes, he renders a sense of movement and texture, giving the painting breath. His use of color is dramatic and dynamic to provoke mood and feelings and his use of tones from darkest to the lightest, to achieve maximum drama. Schneider says this combination is created in a spontaneous and intuitive fashion. “I am constantly in search of the elements of nature that have inspired me in the past, thus, continuing the cycle of inspiration and creation.

Olaf possesses a passion for a variety of subjects. It’s evident that he loves the power and diversity of the Northern landscape. Whether he is painting water, children, glass, equine, cityscapes to naturescapes……the one thing in common is the portrayal of reflections, physically and emotionally. Olaf not only blends his colors when he creates, but he also blends his styles, from the bravura brushstroke of Post-Impressionism to the precision of Photorealism. He also admits to a ravenous need to push and alter color. Vibrant color.

In a personal statement made by Olaf that shares his objective as an artist, he says, “to remain an amateur. In the mind of an expert, there are few possibilities. In the mind of an amateur, there are endless possibilities.”


An artist that will take you to the world of mystery and imagination is Linda Adair from Sydney, Australia! With a mystical vibration and a palette of oil paint, she creates spheres and characters that develop narratives that are personal and narratives that speak for others. Tapping in to the power of emotiveness in her work, she leaves you with the feeling of “like a great spellbinding book you just can’t put down”. Adair will captivate you. Make you wonder. Make you feel.

Linda has done much worldwide traveling throughout her life and this has contributed to her inspiration and natural curiosity. She will take you on travels to places unknown and unseen. Her pieces “Silence” and “Fallen”, are strong depictions of human struggle. The spiritual and physical realms are seen in duality, provoking thought and emotion. By developing haunting images that evoke moods and ideas inspired by real life, a remarkably compelling narrative is created. Adair’s characters, often having elements of mystery, are also found quiet and intimate She is greatly inspired by the Neoclassical and Romanticism eras, particularly in her figurative work. Her passion for Realism and Fantastical Realism is what leads her to create work that transcends the commonplace.

“Flying Dutchman” is one of Linda’s paintings that’s touched in nautical lore. A part of Thomas Moore’s poem states, “See you, beneath yon cloud so dark/ fast gliding along a gloomy bark/ Her sails are full-though the wind is still/ And there blows not a breath her sails to fill”. A legend of an airborne pirate/ghost ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever. Intrigue on the high seas! For many of moons has there been reports and sightings of the Flying Dutchman, along with other ghost ships, haunting the vast seas. Many have sought to explain these events as a complex type of mirage that happens when certain conditions are present and they produce breathtaking images as a result. The multitude of seaman reporting visions of this doomed ship…. saw something, no doubt. They may have seen what is called a” fata morgana”. A fata morgana develops when there are multiple layers of air currents at different temperatures which magnify images and refract light, appearing to form ships, mountain ranges and cities on the horizon. It is also thought to be that the sight of the Flying Dutchman and other ghost ships, signified that something terrible is about to happen. This explanation is not coincidental as the very specific set of conditions that cause a fata morgana, often happens with the changes in the weather that occurs just before a storm.

BUT……..there is that mystical element that will forever keep it safe from being relegated to a tempest in a teapot. There have been numerous reports of alleged sightings in the 19th and 20th centuries, and now in the 21st century! We have sighted it here at Lovetts Gallery!!!! Bring your spyglass and view the creative paintings of Adair’s as she takes you on an artistic journey.


An artist whose work is primarily about storytelling, is that of Californian, Nadezda. This Russian born artist paints in oils to portray the human condition through an intimate window that exposes the inner world of her subjects. Hence, making that which many times is opaque…transparent. Since revealing her objectives in her work, I will reveal her background as well, as it reflects her broad and expansive involvement in many segments of the arts. She has been a contributor to creative projects across various genres that include feature films, theatre, illustration and fine art. She has been heavily influenced by theatrical performance and an extensive background in costume and character design for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mummy, King Arthur, X-Men and many others.

Nadezda’s paintings, such as “Gypsy” and “Feral”, are a few examples of the way she plays the light and dark together, complimenting them each in their different roles. She applies the paint thin and thick in the same piece giving it texture and dimension. The force of her brushstrokes guide your gliding eye along as the bristles did when the paint was wet. Using a rich palette, Nadezda provokes mood and the dramatic, her figures… contemplative. She also works in graphite on paper as well. A piece she did (sorry, but this piece has been sold!), “Phobetor”, is another example of the way she creates atmosphere in her storytelling. Asleep on the chaise, the realm of slumber calls. Exit light. Enter night. Phobetor (“frightening”) comes from Greek mythology and is part of the Oneiroi (Dreams), the personification of dreaming. The Phobetor (root: phobias) had the ability to appear in the mortal realm in the guise of various animals and could change their physical forms at will in order to interact with mortals in the waking world. Phobetor was the personification of nightmares and appeared in dreams in the form of animals and monsters. Together with his brothers he resided in the land of dreams, a part of the underworld. Nothing sucks like laying down to sleep with sugar plums dancing in your head and then to take a detour in your dreaming to something you fear…. like hissing snakes and hairy spiders, free- falling into the abyss, or the endlessness of laundry! (last one is on my list of personal phobia’s!)

One thing you certainly need not fear is the artwork of Nadezda. Only fear the loss of not owning her paintings for yourself. We are excited to have her at Lovetts Gallery!


Now you know a bit more of these three artists, their work and their visual and independent narratives. Art is a part of who they are and…………. it is a part of who we are!

Francis Bacon said, “the job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery”. Do come see the work of our fine “Who done it” artists! No dark alleys, just a beautiful gallery!

Monday, 07 November 2016 22:13

listen before it looks

“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.”

Robert Frank, Photographer

Some things aren’t just black or white. They are both. Artist Tim Christensen, creates his porcelain pieces in black and white and utilizes the technique of sgraffito. In his verve for altering the thrown form upon his kick wheel, Tim has found his way of expression. “My work is narrative, specifically illustrated, sometimes spiritual, often funny, and understandable.”

The drawing Christensen does on his pieces aren’t by addition, but subtraction. He does this by scratching one or more layers of the black slip, thus revealing the white clay underneath. (sgraffito)

Living near the coast in Eastern Maine, in his tiny off-the -grid cabin in Roque bluffs, Tim is inspired and challenged by the struggle of humans to find a way to fit back in the natural pattern of life on earth. “This is a defining struggle of our time, and I feel compelled to illustrate this on my pottery.” His choice to work with black and white is to invoke a world where humans are counterparts of the creatures he creates. “Above all, I draw to illustrate the wonder and mystery of living in the world we share.”

His sculpting takes various shapes as bowls, plates, boxes, vessels, sea creatures, avian, wildlife, and inclusive of themes of land and water. His intricate and delicate designs are seen outside and inside his sculptures and vessels. As Tim claims, “I make pots about the times in which we live, and the challenges of living in a time in which we are divorced from the natural world around us. I make my work to be appreciated by those who know a lot or a little about porcelain or art, and make it with the hope that some of these pots will survive longer than me or the culture in which we live, and still be pertinent and relevant then as now.”

“In the same ways that we know and learn from the cultures who have come before us, my pottery depicts the place and time in which I live, and why I think it is important. I draw on my pieces because it is the best way I know to express what I am thinking about.

It’s quite evident the passion this artist feels about what he does and why he does it.


Thursday, 17 November 2016 22:12

Newsletter | November 2016


The Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew....... truly was a beautiful brew. When you combine creative, talented artists and their work...... enthusiastic, appreciative collectors and their support...... and a Fine Art gallery containing these IS an intoxicating elixir. It is alchemy!

Thank you for making the Cauldron Exhibition fun and memorable!

What better to go with your new pieces of art than a beautifully crafted custom picture frame for your new acquisition.... or even an older one. At Lovetts Fine Art Gallery, Master Framer, Jack Summers is always adding new mouldings to give you the most variety to choose from to suit your taste. Proper and professional framing is an integral part to putting the finishing touch to your art pieces. Granted, some may not find this topic near as exciting as artwork but it is just as important in the overall picture. I know, there is a pun there! We recently added 30 new patterns of Italian wood mouldings to our extensive collection.

Transitioning from the Cauldron Exhibition a week earlier, we came upon Halloween evening at the Farm Center, where we are located, for a community Trick or Treat event and it was a "sweet" time. Crystal, Lovetts Fine Art Gallery's multi-faceted aficionado of social media, was a big hit in her T-Rex Wizard costume (video and pics on our Facebook). The children hugged, high-fived and wanted their pictures taken with the big and friendly dinosaur. (so did some of the adults, you know who you are!) I'm certain there were some future budding artists in the crowds of children from seeing their creativeness and imagination at work in their outfits!

We have several new artists and guest artists now showing in the gallery and I will be featuring them on the gallery blog page- The Wall. There is someone and something new here all the time!

For those of you who were unable to attend The Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew and "Ghost Stories From The Attic", you may see all the artwork for the exhibition on our website, under Exhibitions.

No slackers here at Lovetts Fine Art Gallery! We are already involved with our next exhibition in February 2017, titled RED emotion in color. Red, as defined by each individual artist; What does this color represent to the eye, the minds eye. You can "see" red without seeing any color of red or you may see what's red around us every day. the color of "challenge" in this show. That's just a teaser! I will share more about this exhibition as time unfolds.

"Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion, because it's on both ends of the spectrum. On one end, you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation with someone, passion, all that. On the other end, you've got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger and frustration. All those emotions---spanning from intense love, intense frustration, jealousy, confusion, all of that---in my mind, all those emotions are red. You know, there's nothing in between. There's nothing beige about any of those feelings, it all comes back to me, and its red." This is how Taylor Swift experiences "red".

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives and the upcoming details of Lovetts next exhibition! Stay tuned!


Wednesday, 23 November 2016 22:08

of all mediums

Watercolor is probably the most satisfying of all mediums. Although difficult in the beginning, after practice, its mysteries will unfold, providing the utmost pleasure for the dedicated.

Australian artist, Robert Lovett

No doubt, Magnolia, Texas watercolor artist Robbie Fitzpatrick agrees, as she presents this quote on her own artists’ biography.

Robbie has a prolific background in writing. For most of her life she has been led by an affection for the art of language as a writer and a teacher of writing. She understands the importance of this tool of communication for speaking.

For the majority of Fitzpatrick’s years, she considered herself a writer. She had the desire to draw, the wish to draw, the love to draw. But writing always won out.

In her time at middle school, it was a situation of being homebound during a hurricane that stirred up a gust of inspiration into drawing for Robbie for the next several years. The road her life was taking wasn’t a straight line, a one way only. No, the shape of her street of life would be as creative as she is, developing and making new avenues.

After achieving her B.A, M.A., and Ph.D, and then retiring from her college teaching career she navigated into the art world through the venue of pottery. “Something about wet mud was mesmerizing to me, but so was the enjoyment of painting on greenware and waiting for the pictures to emerge from the kiln.”

But….she pondered.

Along her journey, the seeds of drawing that had been previously planted, were starting to grow ever more. Next came a torrent of pencil drawings. The aftermath of that creative storm left Robbie not running for secure cover but wanting to run into the eye of the storm. Color! She loves color!

So an artistic union was made from Robbie’s two loves. Drawing and color. She wed watercolor pigment and the simplicity of black and white together. A perfect match! The perfect bridal bouquet! Having studied at the Watercolor Art Society-Houston, Robbie discovered she had a deep pleasure for detail and life in Realism. But, I would say Robbie has always had that pleasure for detail and life in Realism in her life. In her desire to write and in her desire for art. It being one art form leading to a different one. Maybe not changing directions as one might think, but traveling a diverse continuum. From writing paper to watercolor paper Robbie continues to speak. To communicate and share her narrative. Transparent and beautiful. She chooses to paint landscapes, animals, still lifes and portraits.

In her words…”I love both the creation and sharing of art, so it makes sense to me that my artistic goal is to communicate a message—emotional, reminiscent, inspiring, or amusing—with each piece. Though watercolor can be a frustrating medium to work with, I love the transparency, the colors, the emotion, and the “life” I can achieve with it. I must admit that being a problem-solver, I enjoy the challenges!”

Robbie continues to be a learner and an adventurer. She braves the storms of life to lead her to paths of roses. What a journey!


Tuesday, 29 November 2016 22:07

Art of the West

Art of the West…...a little left of center!

Observing the life of those who choose to live off the land is what led Lone Star State artist, Jo LeMay Rutledge to find the subject matter that was worth her time at the easel.

The ranch life genre has been portrayed by many an artist and Rutledge thought this was one rodeo she didn’t want to ride in. She has lived in the Texas/Oklahoma area most of her life and considered what could possibly be brought to the painting stable that hadn’t been brought already. For the love of ponies……….” Fort Worth is home to many Russell’s and Remington’s”, she says!

Till one eye-opening, bright day at a friend’s ranch……...

“What I saw there didn’t have a hint of romance in it. It was ranch trash, beautiful horses, manure, ditches of unmanaged grass, cast off equipment and rodeo trailers in need of a coat of paint. That’s the real deal. Hard work, thankless hours of maintenance and the jimmy rigging ranch gear. Indeed, the life of anyone who chooses to live off the land.”

As I view Jo’s work, I sense a “true, real life romance” is there……... which is the fairest, most honest, kind, endearing and enduring!

Not only does Rutledge portray what is on land, but what is above it. The painting, “Eagle Owl”, done in acrylic, is a strong and powerful piece. With a starry sky serving as a backdrop, as only nature can do, you see the majesticness of the owl as he is in flight with the wind beneath his wings. The evidence of Jo’s adventurous and colorful personality along with her keen eyesight, sensitivity and execution of talent is obviously reflected in her works.

She works in oils and acrylics and is fearless in her subject matter. The easel of Jo LeMay Rutledge, has supported works of ranch life, flowers, nature, landscapes, sacred scenes, portraits and a varied array of animals.

We are looking forward to additional works of hers to arrive at our gallery and we will let you know when they arrive. In the meantime, don’t let the opportunity to see and acquire “Eagle Owl” fly past you!


Wednesday, 07 December 2016 22:05

It's Always Five O'Clock

She is free in her wilderness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. “Time” for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water. (Roman Payne)

Creating from Long Beach, California, American artist Che Leviathan, certainly doesn’t fight against time. When it comes to life, work and art, she says there is no such thing as “clocking out”. Wisely, Che has learned the art of loving work and working at love. She is always painting and working every day and loving it! There is no separation. Thinking, planning and executing is an around the clock proposition with her. It’s “in the blood and breath” sort of thing. Like the heart, the beat goes on.

Through the medium of oils, this punk rock portrait artist, captures the raw and the real. It also gets personal. In a community where culture, ethnics and gender know no boundaries, Che has a heart for people, who as herself, embrace an alternate lifestyle. A subculture. A family.

The expressiveness of the people Che represents in her work resonates with the intensity in which this artists’ paints and portrays them. With the image of a story behind a story, Leviathan generates her narratives through the depiction of facial expressions, moods, body languages and posturing and physical locations. Attention is in the details in the elaborate designs of the tattoo’s, clothing articles, hair styles and coloring and skin piercings. Freedom of attitude, personality and individuality resonates in her portraits alongside with the characterization of mutual and collective relationships.

Che uses rich colors in her work which adds to the depth and temper of her work. The style of her pieces are relatable, recognizable, representational and realistic. Emblematic, alternative, and original.

Come see her story…... their story…. behind the story.


Friday, 09 December 2016 22:02

Christmas Artopocalypse

Hey, dramatics aren't just for family gatherings! Tee-hee

Baby it's cold outside........................and we are hoping you will drop by Lovetts Gallery, where it is nice, warm and beautiful and there is no hurry!

It's December.... and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! Take a look in Lovetts Gallery, with new pieces all aglow.

Deck the walls with art from Lovetts....... Fa- La- La- La- La.... La-La- La- La! What better to go with your boughs of holly.....Fa- La- La- La- La.... La-La- La- La! Certainly, a new piece of art will make your season jolly! Please follow me in merry measure, while I tell you about our gallery's yule-tide treasures!

Alright, alright......I'll stop with the caroling! I'm just feeling the holiday spirit......fine..... maybe I'm having a little early eggnog......with whiskey! I'm joking (hic!)

Of course, decking isn't just for walls. Artwork is fittingly perfect for your tables, mantels, floors, home, office or body. (Jewelry!) Even for outdoors. Yes! Outdoors too! The bronze and stone sculptures that are installed in front of our gallery are available. Glass, steel, stone and bronze pieces are great for indoor and outdoor placement. You are only limited by your imagination. Just ask Kari!

I just wanted to make a joyful noise about the wonderfully talented works of art by the leading and renowned group of artists we represent at Lovetts Gallery. What gets some people to thinking of a new art piece(s), is that the holidays become an active time of year for having others visiting in our homes and businesses and being inside more from the cold. It can cause us to pause and reflect about our environments and take a fresh assessment of what our space speaks about us and what we want it to say to others. It's no secret that art is a powerful form of communication. That is one of the many exciting aspects of being involved in the world of art!

A mention too about gift certificates: These are helpful to give all year long and lets the recipient of your generosity select those special pieces for themselves or perhaps custom framing. A gift certificate from Lovetts Gallery is as original and different as the original works of art they can choose from.

The holiday season is a wonderful time for us to thank you for your business----but----

It isn't the only time, as we realize how important these relationships are all year. And year after year! Lovetts Gallery would not be possible without your support! With big feelings, we want to say a heartfelt "thank you" and send our best wishes to you and your loved ones. This has been a stressful and intense year for so many people that we hope the new year approaching will provide health, happiness, safety, and success as your companions! And imagination. Always use your imagination. It is the beginning point of making something come into being!

Lovetts has several new artists that have joined our family of art and artisans here at the gallery and you will find them in-house, on our website and I will be writing and featuring them as well. Artists you are fondly familiar with and collect their works have also been sending in new pieces. Too much info for this letter! Preparations are in full swing too for our next exhibition in February---RED/7. Christmas has nothing on Lovetts Gallery.... where it's always the busiest and most wonderful time of year. All year!

We look forward to seeing you through this final holiday of 2016 and to working and serving you for many years to come! Welcome to the imagination at Lovetts Gallery!

"Who's Kari?", you may ask. Miss Kari is a longtime client who maintains an enthusiasm for art like a child at Christmas, year-round! She has an eclecticness and creativity to her art collecting and is always working on a project. Inside her home and outside. Her imagination has created a very energized, individualized and personal sanctuary. And her journey continues....................

We don't say it often, but it calls for an important reminder: Lovetts also has Fine Art Prints, Limited Editions, Giclee Canvases and Fine Art Posters available through The Greenwich Workshop, Somerset Fine Art and many others. Just let us know what you are looking for.

Thursday, 12 January 2017 21:47

Newsletter | January 2017

Saying “Happy New Year’s” to you is a lot like when I say “Thank you” to you…… inevitably seems my words are inefficient to relay the depth I feel when I say them. Frustrating! This is where “a picture paints a thousand words” would come in handy. Hmmmm………I don’t paint, but I know some great artists who do! Lovetts Fine Art Gallery, together, with all the artists we represent, are dedicated to dignifying your new year with artworks to make this a special year for your art collecting.

Lovetts Gallery is wired with excitement for this new year! It is full of new exhibitions, artwork and artists! So, what’s not to love!?! Let the creative process continue!

The artists we represent have great enthusiasm and inspiration going into 2017 and that means the walls and shelves will be talking. Walls can talk, I know it’s true. There are words spoken by each painting, old and new. You will hear the whispers of truths and dreams. You will see the nature of woodlands and streams; The human figure and the wild animal life, the moments of joy and the pains of strife. You will hear beauty in the magic of color, by the work of hands; created by artists all over the lands. So, I know walls can talk and I hear them clear, their messages of happiness and an occasional tear. Do not pass too quickly and slow down for the view and see what the art on the walls is saying to you.

Art is documenting all the time what humanity sees and is experiencing and it’s as individual as each person. Lovetts Gallery is proud to handle such highly talented artists from so many walks of life and experiences, that are compelled to speak through their art, as they have done through all the ages.

This is what makes an artist a story teller…… a documentarist…. a reflection in the mirror. They create those things that makes us feel good, at times feel uncomfortable, to feel inspired; the point is…. their work causes us to feel…. period. Their work causes us to think. To think and to feel together…. is a good thing.

Naturally, there are many art forms represented at Lovetts Gallery and they speak too, in a 3-dimensional voice. The artists create in medias of bronze, stone, wood, clay, glass and metals and create them into vessels, sculptures, figures, and jewelry. These works are designed in open and closed forms. 3-Dimensional turns up the volume with density and mass.

The calendar has been filled in for exhibitions for all of 2017 and Lovetts will be starting in February with Red: Emotion in color! 60 plus artists will be in this show with their artistic take on the color red. Some will be applying red color to their work and others will be applying “red” by insinuation of its meaning. Red has more intimate and individual affiliations than any other color. It can represent love, anger or bashfulness, blood and hearts, apples, cherries and roses. Red Rubies to red barns, firetrucks and red wine, sunburn, murder, high heels, Coca-Cola and Cardinals. Red is used in flags and maps from all over the world. Some people wear rose-colored glasses, some get the red-ass, see red, have taken the red-eye flight or have caught someone red-handed. This provides for a wide and variable spectrum by which to feel and think. And love! The walls will be talking!


With eyes wide open, Cupid’s quiver will be thick with arrows at Lovetts for the RED Exhibition. No worries, aim and desire for a perfect match of art for yourself will prove to be love at first sight, unlike the painting of Botticelli’s “Primavera”, where Cupid is shown blindfolded while shooting his arrow of love! Blindfolded? That just seems a little risky!

RED is saturating your artistic pleasure with a parallel show named 7. The 7 Exhibition features 7 artists that are producing work for the 7 Sins and & 7 Virtues. Each artist took an opposing pair. Natalie Featherston-Charity and Greed, Donato Giancola-Forgiveness and Wrath, Melanie Florio-Chastity and Lust, K Henderson-Humility and Pride, Dave Lebow-Temperance and Gluttony, Robert Caldwell-Diligence and Sloth, Julie Bender-Kindness and Envy. The intrigue to these 14 pieces, has our hearts beating wildly!

Now you can see why we are so excited! All these artists for the RED/7 Exhibition will certainly capture your adoration as they have worked hard, diligently, expressively, and creatively. They bring their talent, passion and individual ideas to their art and to you. We are all a part of the Imagination at Lovetts Gallery! The five senses are vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The sixth is Imagination!!


The exhibits at Lovetts have always been and will always be about celebration. We have a new year, we have February coming, so fondly called the month of love, and we have RED: emotion in color and 7. The color of red has many designations, such as strength, high energy, sultriness, warmth, confidence, depth, potency, spiciness, speed, health, the political, the divine, the financial, comforting to threatening, nature and nutrition, life or death. What a powerful color…. the color red! Choice, imagination and freedom! And 7……. well….to see this special exhibit is a virtue! To miss it…. a sin!

And last, but never least………………with much Amore……Thank you!!!!

Factoid Asteroid: Lovetts Gallery named its newsletter “The Wall” because the walls talk and here they always have something to say!

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