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brandon levon

Brandon was born in St Thomas in 1992 and migrated to Anguilla in 1999. He found art to be an outlet and a way to express himself. Being born with Asperger syndrome, as a child art was one of the best ways he could accomplish that. During school, Brandon saw art as more of a hobby and never considered creating it at a professional level.


As soon as he heard of Ani Art Academies; however, he was encouraged by his peers and jumped on the opportunity. Joining the Ani Art Academies inspired him to create more. “I want to be a part of Ani for an ever-evolving reason, to reach a potential state of creativity, to let my ideas flow, and hopefully become one of the greats. I have been drawing and trying to get out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary since I was six years of age... at least that is as far as I can remember. To create things from my perspective and even others is a feeling I enjoy. Knowing that I made it is what I guess giving birth would feel like.”

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