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brandon meadows

Brandon Meadows has been interested in discovering the human experience through art since his youth. Growing up in central New York he focused on performing art and participated in a number of variety and talent shows. Through this exploration, on into college life, he began to explore Theater Production and was introduced to Scenic Painting. This craft would have him traveling in and out of numerous college programs, as well as summer and regional theaters eventually resulting in a bachelor's degree in Theater Technology from SUNY Oneonta.

However, this was not to continue. In his travels, self-reflection and maturity had manifested a decision. It was time to become independent and pursue his own Art. While the independent practice was a beginning Brandon became aware of the Ani Art Academy and an entirely new dimension of possibility has opened up to him. He is happy to be a part of this prestigious artistic line and looks forward to a bright future in the Fine Art World.

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