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bruce cascia 

Bruce Cascia received his BFA from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. He paints in a photo-realistic style, oils mostly, and occasionally, acrylics. His initial images were of solitary diners, truck stops, and motorcycles all placed in dramatic vistas of the American Southwest. They call to mind the romance of the vast open spaces and the freedom of the open road. 8 of Bruce’s bike paintings were included in the opening of the Field Museum’s “Art of the Motorcycle” show in Chicago, sponsored by the Guggenheim Museum.

Cascia’s work is included in a number of corporate art collections such as Oscar-Mayer, DDB Needham Worldwide, and Pearlnesco, as well as the private collections of Jay Leno, Dennis Hopper, and Peter Fonda. Bruce’s recent focus has been on his "Flatland" series which are reflective of his Central Illinois background. Atmosphere, lighting, and scale all play an important part in these rural compositions. His depiction of abandoned farmhouses with dramatic skies captures an intense feeling of solitude.

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