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Whether we are complimenting a piece of original artwork, honoring a veteran's service, or celebrating a child's creativity our clients benefit from more than 4 decades of unparalleled full-service framing expertise.

Here is why we should be your choice in framing:

  • All framing construction is done in-house.  We can actually say we have tens of thousands of custom jobs completed! (Framing since 1978!)

  • We have the largest selection of moulding in this region of the country. This means literally thousands of options to choose from.

  • All work is done in-house. You design and talk to the experts right in the gallery!

  • We use conservation framing materials. We want to make your artwork or memorabilia last over time!

Check out some of our recent custom framing works below!

Elite Framing in Gallery
Building an Elite Frame
Custom Made Italian Moulding
Some Framing Options
Crocodile Style Elite Moulding

Framing Before and After

Completed Frames