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Not so long ago, David was managing software engineering teams in Silicon Valley. He loved his positions, projects, and colleagues, and the world of start-up innovation was endlessly exciting. But his inner artist always hovered in the background. He drew constantly as a child and later, as a working adult, took frequent art classes at night to feed this part of his soul. When a company shutdown loomed in 2013, David decided to leap, once and for all, into the creative realm that beckoned. He hasn’t looked back.


In 2015, a family relocation to London prompted David to shift his focus to the study of traditional classical drawing and painting. Initially based at the London Atelier of Representational Art, he was influenced and inspired by Travis Seymour. When Seymour started the Barnes Atelier, David followed to continue his full-time training. From still life to figurative work, he has been captivated by the process of mastering materials and continually refining his foundational skills as a draughtsman. He loves the process of conquering light, shadow, and value, as well as working with graphite, chalk, and charcoal.

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