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debra adelson

My work is an exploration of the translucency and subtle fluidity of glass. I begin with solid pieces of raw optical and dichroic glass which I laminate, and cold work into my desired shape. I then engrave the surface of the glass with diamond and stone wheels to achieve subtle textures that refract the light reveal and the optical depth of the material. The bottom layer of dichroic glass fills the pieces with glowing, opalescent color that changes depending on the angle the piece is viewed. I construct the sterling elements and then carve them back into the glass so the metal and gemstones become an integral part of the design. My goal is for my materials to have a symbiotic existence.

My current pieces are inspired by forces of nature. I try to capture movement, form, color, and texture without being literal. I take a soulful approach and aim to make work with an obvious human touch.

Meteor Sculpture
Earth Fission
Wandering Star
Polar Reflection
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