Radical Botanicals - February 6th 2021

An Exhibition of Art in Full Bloom

Lovetts Gallery is sprouting with excitement to have you join us on a sojourn in the artistic fields of the botanical.

Come view the cultivated creations of artists as they remind us, and rekindle for us, the radical (Latin:root) in nature. They have rendered for you the many ways the botanical world is revered in reclusiveness and in companionship and how it is intertwined in our lives.

These artists, as gardeners with different tools, enchant us visually with color, design, texture and form in honoring the plant species in its beauty, mystery and utility.

Botanicals spring forth to grace our landscapes and tables, to express benevolence in medicinal value and an enchantment to compliment flavor. Along with preserving species and healing our bodies...they sweeten our souls.

“Nature is new every morning, but its cycles are ancient, independent of all our anxieties, oblivious to our plans.”
- B.C. Crafton

Radical Botanical - From the petite moss to the prodigious sequoia tree, from the delicate to the sturdy...we swing vine to vine.

For this exhibition, come enjoy the succulent diverseness as the artists portray how we graft botanicals into our lives and way of living. These artists will be illustrating radical botanicals, their unique visionary expressions, as spring comes early at Lovetts Gallery.

Please tip-toe through the tulips with us on February 6, because everything is coming up roses!


“One must have sunshine, freedom and a few flowers.”
-Hans Christian Anderson

Participating Artists
subject to change

Radical Botanicals

February 6th 2021
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Not your grandma's floral exhibition!

Timur Akhriev
Laura Atkins
Kelvin Lugo Belen
Lauren Berley
Brittany Best
Renee Buller
Michael Carson
Mary Chiaramonte
Francisco Collado
Diane Davich Craig
Helen Crispino
Ana De la Cruz
Jay Davenport
Patricia Diaz
Joseph Dillon
Melvin Alcequiez Encanto
Edward Ewald
Barbara Fox
Nanci France-Vaz
Fraelo Garcia
Lynne Garlick
Nuwani Gunawardhana
Kelley Hensing
Chelsea Herron
Regina Jacobson
Charles King
Deborah Kommalan
Lacey Lewis
Tony Lombardo
Linda Lyons
Paige Martin
John McCuin
Kristen Middleton
Maxwell Miller
Kevin Moore
Michael John Nolan
Yoggya Perera
Sharon Pomales
Omar Rodriguez
Terese Rogers
Luisa Ruiz
Laurence Saunois
Victoria Steel
Laurie Szilvagyi
Dimathi Thilakna
Anthony Waichulis
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