Rear Window | October 2018

SEE IT !!!!

The most unusual and intimate journey into human emotions !!!!



In the film Rear Window, Jeff, a photojournalist, was constrained to a wheelchair with his leg in a cast.To entertain himself in his small apartment, he began watching the actions of his neighbors lives out his rear window. He was curious. His imagination piqued. One window, but many different perspectives. That’s what this exhibition is about. Art is the “window” and you and 46 artists will furnish the perspectives.

Welcome to the imagination…brought to you by LovettsVision.

  Linda Adair  
Nicole Adkisson Timur Akhriev Marla Allison
Chad Awalt Suzie Baker Brian Bateman
Mary Chiaramonte Joseph Dillon Todd Ford
Melanie Florio Barbara Fox Scott French
Josh George Whitney Hall Jeff Ham
K. Henderson Kelley Hensing Chelsea Herron
David Hochbaum James W. Johnson Jonathan Keeton
Bonnie Latham Karen Latham Rebecca Latham
Dave Lebow Noel Leicht Jody Lyle
Linda Lyons Alexandra Manukyan Catherine Moore
Kevin Moore Nadezda Vince Natale
Ed Natiya John Michael Nolan Jane Osti
Rick Pas Erika Pochybova John Sims
Brian Slawson Victoria Steel Janice Sugg
Steven Walker Natalie Wiseman Gwen Wong