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Genesis & Genius

Lovetts Gallery in conjunction with Ani Art Academies


Art as Genesis and Genius…

A union of origin and manifestation, 

Is illustrated by the artist, 

From conception to implementation. 


With the birth of an idea, a vision or question,

The artist labors to bring it expression. 

Genesis and Genius share a grand correlation,

By pairing methodical thought and a free 



The artist skilled hands endeavor in their

distinct fashion

Making intelligible their creativeness, the 

fruits of their passion. 


The invincibility of fine art and artist continues

to stand throughout time and history, 

What draws someone to art? One cause 

is comprehensible…the other part is mystery. 


Being Original



Genesis & Genius Exhibition

June 24th, 2023
10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Lovetts Gallery
6528 East 51st Street
Tulsa, Ok 74145


Sue DeLearie Adair

Nicole Adkisson

Timur Akhriev

Morgane Antoine

Mitchell Bagnas

Dennis Boyd

Sarina Brewer

Renee Buller

Terry Donahue

Barbara Fox

Jake Gaedtke

Jody Lyle

Josh George

Shawn Gould

K. Henderson

Kelley Hensing

Lance Hunter

Claudia Patrick

Julia Gwen Poncavage

Sandra Pratt

Lisa Keay

Omar Rodriguez Jr.

Gail Stanek

Victoria Steel

Kimberly Wurster

Patsy Weingart

Daniel Horne

Malshi A. K. Arachchi

H.K. Praneeth Maleesha

Shan S. N. Paliyagurugee

K. G. Bethmini N. Dissanayake

T. D. Dissanayake

David Aschenbrenner

Clyde Steadman

Kathryn Webster

Scott Ferguson

Natalie Wiseman

Brandon Meadows

Francisco Collado

Juana Collado

Garret McCall

Jettana Yamter

Taffari Crawford

Raheim Webster

Venroy Findlay

Kowsalya Devi

Damon Davis

Fraelo Lantigua Garcia

Reidy Bonilla Gil

Ava Ash

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