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greg dye

Greg Dye is a self-taught artist who paints with oil using palette knives. He starts with a very small thumbnail sketch to get the composition right and then goes directly to the canvas. Using a palette knife Dye starts to apply spontaneous strokes of thick oil paint, one on top of the other. He does not think about it, he just reacts to the paint and the emotional energy within himself.


After applying many layers of paint, new shapes, colors, and images appear and a buffalo or rugged mountain landscape starts to emerge through the paint. The artist sometimes adds two or three colors onto the palette knife, just to see what will happen.

By working in this wet-on-wet technique, the joy for him is making new discoveries with each painting. Dye doesn't have set colors or details in mind, it could look many different ways. It's not a matter of looking right, it's a matter of "feeling" right. Each stroke of color is a journey and he embraces the mistakes to find the beauty and live in the moment of every painting created.

His goal is to convey constant motion, and spiritual energy and show absolute beauty in creating his own personal vision of the Southwest.