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Jason Robert Griego

Sculptor, Jason Robert Griego uses techniques and materials he’s developed over the last decade to create sculptures of bone, resin and natural pigments. During casting, many different effects are created using a variety of materials including sage, cinnamon, glass, stone, wood, metals as well as found objects. Natural pigments are embedded into the casting to infuse color into the sculpture. Through many different processes, including using kerosene, fire and other elements, Griego creates an organic patina for each piece and ensures each individual sculpture is unique.

Griego’s iconic work resists easy categorization. His use of materials and dynamic approach allows him to create sculptures that are raw and organic. His work symbolizes what it is to be human. However, Griego believes words or descriptions can sometimes injure the communication of sculpture.

“It’s difficult to translate the language of sculpture into the language of words. It becomes a copy of a copy – it loses resolution in the translation. Sculptures only become alive when they are viewed directly. They’re a delivery system or a language used to convey an emotion or idea in a very singular way.”

Griego’s work allows our personal and inner thoughts and feelings to be reflected back to us. The figures, with strong silhouettes, detailed surfaces and organic pigments, show us as we ought to be – noble and strong, with an inner dignity. They reveal how all things are temporary and all things are forever. Beauty and brutality – the duality of truth is shown in his work. Griego has taken sculpture and stripped it down to its purest essence - honesty.

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