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Kent Wilson is a contemporary realist oil painter based in Wichita, KS. His primary focus is
portraiture and wildlife. Born in 1951 in Wichita KS, Kent had interest in art from a young age.
He enjoyed drawing cartoons and doing paint by numbers. In the late 70’s Kent graduated with
a degree in graphic design from Wichita State University. After graduating Kent worked as a
sign painter and pictorial artist at a billboard company. After only 9 months Kent left and started
his own sign company. Under the name Greater Graphics he painted graphics, murals and signs
for several businesses in Wichita and surrounding areas. Throughout this time Kent had painted
some oil portraits on the side, but in 2008 was when he really dived in. As he started creating
new artwork, his son Sam Wilson became inspired to learn oil painting from him. After that point
both Kent and Sam accredit some of their ongoing inspiration to each other. Working from
photographs, Kent’s style and subject matter have evolved throughout the years. Currently he
enjoys painting his grandchildren not as portraits but a capture of joyous moments in time. Other
subjects Kent enjoys painting are wildlife and anything unique that happens to grab him.

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