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Ariadne (pictured here) lived on Crete. She helped Theseus outwit the Minotaur(symbolized in pendant that Ariadne is wearing) who lived in a labyrinth (you can see a maze/labyrinth behind Ariadne) that Daedelus made. Everyone who went into the labyrinth were unable to navigate it and became the Minotaur’s dinner. After King Aegeus of Athens lost to King Minos they were made to send sacrifices to Crete’s Minotaur. King Aegeus sent his Son Theseus to Crete to stop sacrifices.There he charmed Ariadne so she helped him find his way out of the maze with Red thread (the red twine that is being held by - Ariadne and intertwined in the umbrella) which has come to symbolize logic. Theseus killed the Minotaur and got out of the maze. He was supposed to change his sails from black to white so his father, King Aegeus would know that everything went well. He forgot to change his sails(black and white umbrella) on the way and his father lamenting Theseus’ failure then threw himself into the sea, now known as the Aegean Sea.


The ARC Salon’s (2018-2019) 13th International Competition; Ariadne’s Thread was selected as a finalist and was one of 75 works that were invited for the traveling ARC Salon.

Ariadne's Thread

SKU: 112309
  • Medium & Substrate

    Oil on Panel
  • Dimensions

    32" W x 32" H
  • Framing

    Framed by Artist
  • Tags

    Pop Culture, Ariadne's Thread, Literature

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