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His talent reaches into our hearts and minds with an emotional impact equaled by very few. Ages from now scholars and laymen will look upon this past century of ours through his paintings and will know us well. Brigadier General Robin Olds I believe that Robert Taylor's work is extremely important. Through his artistry future generations, whom we hope need never be called upon to defend freedom in the way we were, will gain a realistic impression of what it was like to fly in mortal combat the legendary fighter and bomber aircraft that competed for the skies during the greatest war ever fought. His beautifully detailed paintings will help keep alive this period in our history. Colonel Walker 'Bud' Mahurin Robert Taylor will continue to enthrall all of us with his artistry and I personally look forward to the pleasure of viewing many more of his paintings Major Martin Drewes. Widely regarded as the world's foremost aviation artist, Robert Taylor enjoys a level of popularity rare among living artists. This fourth volume of air combat paintings features a collection of the artist's most recent works, and will delight the tens of thousands of his followers who have avidly collected his earlier books. In it Robert Taylor guides readers through the various stages of preparation and development of a painting, revealing more about his technique, his methods of research, some of the difficulties he encounters, and how he overcomes them. This intriguing insight is studded with fascinating anecdotes as he recounts meetings with some of the great aviators he meets during the course of his work. This new book is a veritable art gallery in itself, and makes an irresistible addition to the libraries of all those who love the Taylor style.

Robert Taylor: Air Combat Paintings, Vol. 4

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